Well, I got started and used their webmaster(that way I didn’t need to learn html programming), made my own site, added pages, and products, and links. My son Steve helpped and added colors to some of the pages but I found that not only I but others couldn’t see or read when certain background colors were used and even though it was cool to look at, if the content couldn’t be read there was no point in having the page.  I changed those to  a more readable look.  I put a hit counter on the site and started to advertise by word of mouth and emails for my site: JayBeachamProducts.com. Each time I started with a new multi-level marketing firm, I’d put a page up and link it. I added my products and my friends products. I linked to photoworks.com to my photo ablums to try to sell my great images. I linked to Poetry.com so that people could read my poetry and  maybe buy my poem collections.     I contacted people as I always had with multi-level and directed them to my site and worked on selling the SkyBiz opportunity. The Federal Trade Commission brought suit against SkyBiz and after a long court case being won by the defendent, SkyBiz closed its doors being broke.  Even though they won, they lost.

What to do now? My son had started the free trial at Homestead sites for me and so I transferred my files from SkyBiz to Homestead and then got the paid service.

Two years and no sales. But Homestead had a webmaster, stat counter, auto responder, etc. No problem. Right? Well not quite.

Next to come the chapter about Homestead and my experience there.