Today I went to visit my mother and her 85 year old friend, Enid Bradshaw Ence Noorlander was there visiting when I arrived.

Enid mentioned my radio work in the late 1960s.  She said that I have a nice voice and that she always enjoyed listening to me when I was on the air. That was forty plus years ago when I worked on the air from ages 16 to 19.

My mother said that she had almost forgotten that I’d worked in radio.

Sometimes it seems like it was a different person from so long ago. Former co-worker SteveGwilliams said last fall that we were very lucky to have been in radio as mere boys. Mrs. Ellen Winkleman did give alot of young men that wonderful opportunity.

The voice over market online is a whole different ball of wax.  I may never get employment that way.

Enid also thought it good that I can do St. George live. Yes it is.  I finished Jacob this am.  The next time to do Brigham will be the end of July.