022_22.jpgAre you worried about the state of affairs in the United States today?
I know that I am.
Are you having financial difficulties due to government interference
in your life?
I know that I am.
Every time I think I might get ahead, government at some level increases taxes on me and my life.
I’ve wondered what I could do. I’m just one very small fry in a very big sea of government intrusions into my life.
One voice can’t do much.
Intrusive government seems to be the culprit of many of my ills as
well as of the body politic
Over the years, I’ve studied some about the life and teachings of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. I think that much of what he said has great relevance to today’s ills. A lot of good advise for good government, which is less instead of more government.
I have portrayed him since 1972.
As Lincoln’s Ghost, I’ve included much of his advise because I believe that much of that advise, taken from his writing and recorded speeches. could help me with my problems and the nation with its problems, if that advise were put into practice.
So in the shows I gave as the ghost of Lincoln on Feb.12, 2009 and 2010, I included some of that advise, hoping to help solve some of the current problems.
You’re sure to enjoy the shows “because you do it” said Mrs.D.J. St. George, Utah.
You’ll love it as the Shurtleff family of Salt Lake City, Utah did.
“He Is Abe Lincoln.”said Mark Shurtleff.
Where can you get your own copy of the show on dvd?
At: http//jaybeacham.com
All contact information can be found there.
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