It’s Friday evening in Utah’s Dixie. What to do? Waiting for someone to come. They are very late. But then with this “time change” that saves nothing, it is still light out at 8pm.     And even though there has been a cool breeze today, it is still pleasant enough to be outside, so a person can lose track of time.

The St. George Art festival was today and will continue tomorrow.  Lots of people there to trap someone but it has closed for the day. I could turn the TV on but haven’t except for once in months. Nothing of value on.

And the internet has  a wide variety of pursuits but except for the Karaoke sites, most hold no pull over me.  And I get weary with the games by internet marketers.  Comment only to get a back link, sell at only $37, $47, $49 etc. for software or program and be rich with no work forever after the consumer makes them rich.

And the real opportunities cost little or nothing but no one wants to check those out.

Could go wash the dishes or fix something different to eat.

I could write a nonsensical blog entry.

Why not?

You just got one.