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Facts about Abraham Lincoln
By Jay Beacham

(The actor who portrays Lincoln’s Ghost, a compilation of facts about and sources of fact about the 16th President of the United States of America from blogs and oneman shows.)


How did a common laborer with virtually no education become a captain in the militia, a surveyor, a store owner, a state legislator, a US congressman, a great orator and finally the President of the United States?
What made him so special and that all possible?
Learn more about this unusual and great man from this book.


He was misjudged by many in his own time and he still is.
Lincoln did what was good for the country by appointing men who loved the Union but were of differing opinions about how to serve her best.
He favored principle more than party loyalty.
He was interested in many things as evidenced by his invention, poetry, interest in the stage and music.
He was a kind sort of person.
He was the Johnny Carson, Ronald Reagan humorist and athlete of the day.
He and the author can trace their roots back to a common ancestor: Obidiah Holmes.

This book is about A. Lincoln and some things you may know and some you may not yet know.
Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865 farmer, railsplitter, river flat boat man, student, scholar, reader, poet, storyteller, humorist, store clerk and manager, postman, wrestler, surveyor, horseman, legislator, public speaker, writer, marksman, congressman, lawyer, lover, husband, father, inventor, soldier-private, captain, commander in chief, President.
“Seldom in history as so capable a man come on the scene at such a crucial time in world history. And one who started out in such raw circumstances and rose to such an elevated height.”
He was an avid reader and letter writer, speaker and storyteller.
A marksman who disdained the killing of animals even for food. He even owned a turkey as a pet at one time.
A man who milked his own cow and cut his own firewood all his life except when in the nation’s capital while serving in congress and as President.
Mr. Lincoln was a learned man though self taught.
He was full of wisdom about life and the governance of people.
Because of all that he knew and did, people have begun to attribute more to him than he actually said or did and the facts get mixed up with fantasy.

This short work will cover some things that are factual and some that are not and will direct the reader to other sources in film, on the net, and in print for further learning about this remarkable man.
(All this information may be found elsewhere but not in this form and my own ideas and thoughts are mine. But then, can anyone claim original thought?)

Notes from the author:

“I’ve been told I looked like Lincoln most of my adult life and I’ve come to see that that isn’t such a bad thing.
( I’ve been told I looked like others too and found out that I was distantly related to them too through common ancestors.)
In speaking to people, some tell me of books they’ve read or stories about “Ole’ Abe” that I haven’t known. Some of that I include in my shows.
A college professor told me of several things I hadn’t known that made other things I did know make more sense or be more meaningful to me. And he even said that some things that were in my 2009 show dvd, he hadn’t known.
I guess that goes to prove that Lincoln, as well as all of us, are complex beings and no one knows all there is to know about us.”—-Jay Beacham

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