Hi Cousin!

Tennessee Earnie Ford called everyone cousin when he played
Cousin Earnie on the I Love Lucy show in 1955..
Was he just trying to promote his cornseed hick persona?
Or was there some truth in his assertion of us all being cousins?

I say he was right.
We are all cousins, especially here in the USA.

With all the divisiveness going on these days, we should consider
who our cousins are. And even though we oft times disagree with
their beliefs and or actions, have more loving feelings for our family.

As summer/2020, I learned that I have 9 cousins who are part Negro.
They include:

Rosa Parks ( a civil rights heroine)
14th Cousin
Several lines of connections to Cassius Marcellus Clay
aka Muhammad Ali. (A famous Boxer.)
Connection and dates I learned about it.
13th Cousin 1 time removed
13th Cousin 426/2020/5/26/19
8th Cousin 1 time removed 3/22/2020
11th Cousin 2 times removed 2/10/2020
15th Cousin 9/8/2019
13th Cousin 2 times removed 7/12/19

Jackie Robinson 12th Cousin 1 time removed 3/31/19
13th Cousin 1 time removed 5/26/19
(He was a famous baseball player and I loved baseball as a boy.)

Araminta Harriet Ross Tubman (a Civil War period abolitionist )
11th Cousin 4 times removed
(from a Charles Morton 1472-1531 abd Maud Dallison 1483) 10/13/18

Araminta Harriet Ross Tubman 12th Cousin 3 times removed 7/22/18

Martin Luther King 10th Cousin 1 time removed 8/29/18
Martin Luther King, Jr. 9th Cousin 7/5/2020

Jimi Hendrix 12th Cousin 1 time removed 7/5/20
James Marshall Hendrix 9th Cousin 2 times removed 4/15/17

Barack Obama 9th Cousin 1 time 7/5/20
Barack Obama 11th Cousin 2 times removed 4/26/20

George Washington Carver  14th Cousin 1 time removed

The song “Abraham, Martin, and John” means more now that I know all three of them were cousins of mine.

I have direct line indigenous Americans ancestors:
Montauk, Mohawk, Powhatan
Wyandance Grand Sachem of the Montauk Tribe Wise Speaker Tribe
11th Great Grandfather ( his wife was a Mohawk of the Iroquois
Confederation)( & Pequots of the Connecticut area)
There is much confusion about:
Matoaka ‘Pocahontas’ Powhatan 2nd Cousin 9 times removed 11/14/18
10th Great Aunt 11/29/18 & 3/16/19
11th Great Aunt 1/17/17
2nd Cousin 9 times removed 2/17/19
1st Cousin 13 times removed
Shows chief Tucker as the common ancestor 2/10/20
2nd Cousin 12 times removed
show as Chief Tucker’s father the connection Ensenore
Algonkian Chief Powhattan 3/7/20
But we are diffinatelly related.

I have many Hebrew lines:
5 from Judah,
many from Ephraim, and
some from Manasseh

There’s the Hun line
Pecks to Sevielles to Huns from Mongolia-China

The Visigoths of Spain from Mongolia-China

Ancestors nearly from every nation in Europe (Scandinavia to Italy,
Ireland to the East, Turkey and on south and eastward.

So if that many national origins plus many more makes up my cousins
and my ancestry, what are you talking about when you talk about
race being a division?
Earnie Ford was right, we are all cousins.



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Jay Beacham