I lost a Carpentry job once when the boss made a deal with the Union for workers.
One day before I was let go because I wan’t a union man and wouldn’t be allowed to join because of the deal, two long time
union men worked with me. Because of their haughty attitude, they wouldn’t listen to me (“We’ve been with the union for years and know it all.” attitude),
They built part of our building wrong.
When they finally realized it, they came to me cap in hand and asked me what needed to be done to correct their mistakes with “After all you’ve built these kind of buildings before.”
I still lost the job.
I wish I’d known about the National Right to Work Committee then.
I’d have sued;  not for the job but for the principle of the matter.
I had a right to keep a job that I knew more about than men based solely on the fact that they belonged to a union.

If I’d Known about the NRWC

This video by Mark Mix tells about the Right2WorkCommittee


If I’d Known: the NRWC