Social Networks


Social Networks.

I have been on My Space the longest.

Then Facebook, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

When I didn’t record more on My Space K-solo Karaoke site, a fellow singer invited me to SingSnap.

I’ve been on Karaoke Play, Karaoke for Cash, Karaoke Channel. K-solo, and Sing Snap.

I like Twitter and my connections with people on a number of other sites.

And for the time my daughter has lived in the South Pacific, I’ve found Facebook invaluable in keeping in touch with her. She messaged me from Figi today. Weather is sunny and no rain so the plane may leave as scheduled.

I’ve run into many problems at some of these sites.

but the most frustrating ones seem to be at Facebook.

Let me explain some of those with my post, the responses and my take on things as follows: