It’s Christmas time again.
Cold temperatures in the Northern climes, snow, lights, decorations,
trees, presents, and of course Santa Claus.
I get into the season of Christmas by playing the part of Santa Claus.
I’ll do my first event on the 12th of December.

Santa 1
My church unit is having it’s Christmas dinner party on the 9th.
It wasn’t always like this.
Christmas sales start early in the fall when they used to start the day
after Thanksgiving with the Macey’s parade hosting Santa Claus.
When I was a child, most people didn’t own a TV.
The radio only played all Christmas songs on Christmas Eve and
on Christmas Day.
Christmas was a big thing.
When I was a child the elementary school was next to the church
house in our town.
We learned songs, decorated, and waited.
On Christmas Eve the church stage became the scene of our Christmas
After the boys dressing in their father’s bathrobes, the girls as Mary and angels
and a toy baby doll being the baby Jesus, the school age children would sing songs
for the audience, consisting of everyone in our small town.
Before the night was over, we’d be visited by Saint Nick himself.
Everyone attended. Like I said, it was a big deal for our small town.
Once in my early adult years, I went back to witness the then pageant.
It was the same as I had remembered.
That doesn’t occur anymore.
Things are bigger now, there are more people and more parties, and celebrations.
But by Christmas Eve the public events are long past.
There are times when I yearn for those simplier days.
When Santa appeared on Christmas Eve.
Some times even being seen at people’s houses.
A family I knew, had the father and later the sons who dressed as Santa and
visited people in Cedar City, Ivins, St. George, Santa Clara, and other small
southern Utah towns. They went to relatives and friends. The father often
took a donkey along to carry the presents.
The children were thrilled even when they’d arrive in the wee hours of the morning.
Though the parents didn’t like getting out of bed so early because they’d just
retired for the night, very late because they’d been making Christmas Cookies
and getting other surprises ready for their children.
Men have taken their wife along as Mrs. Claus.
That continues but the appearances start no later than Thanksgiving day and often before.
In our part of the world there were no shopping malls, so no Santas were seen in stores.
Now Santa Claus is a big marketing tool for businesses.
I just saw an ad in an email with the singer star dressed as Santa announcing his
sale deals. He really looked good, just like Mr Claus.
I wish him good sales success.
I was even tempted to Dress in my Santa garb and try a promotion of my cds,
videos, dolls, toys and the like, and other items I have for sale.
But then I thought back to what the reason of the season really is and it’s not for
me to be able to sell more. So I dismissed the thought.
And no one has the patience to wait for Saint Nick these days.
I’d been Santa for a place doing Toys for Tots last year and the lady in charge called
me again today. But when I didn’t reply until evening, she booked someone else.
So afraid that things couldn’t be done if a few hours elapsed.
Be patient, Santa Claus and the big day will arrive soon enough.
And my longing for the simplier days of long ago will go unfulfilled
unless I just walk down memory lane a bit and relive those times in my mind.
Merry Christmas.

Santa 2