Lincoln’s Ghost  to tell stories Sat. Feb. 22 at the St. George Opera House 220 North main street St. George, Utah
Tickets are $5 adults $4 Sr/children/military
The 22nd is a Saturday.

Tickets are available at the St. George Art Museum, 47 E. 200 N prior to, at the door or by calling 435-627-4510 Limited seating.

Sara Jane Lippincott said of Lincoln:

“I really think that Mr. Lincoln’s propensity for storytelling has been exaggerated by his enemies. I had once the honor of conversing with him, or rather of hearing him converse, for several minutes, and in all that time he only told four little stories.”

Carl Schurz, a Union general first met Lincoln on a train:  “I soon felt as if I had know him all my life and we had very long been close friends…He interspersed our conversation with all sorts of quaint stories, each of which had a witty point applicable to the subject at hand.”

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Hope to see you there.



The Show was a success.

Hear It on Audio CD.

Lincoln’s Ghost told wonderful stories on Feb. 22, 2014 at the Opera House. 
Lincoln played which musical instruments? 
Was he in a duel? 
Learn things you never knew about the 16th President of the USA. 
Laugh and cry and be intrigued by mystery.

Audio Cd of the show is now available for sale. 

$20 per single cd

Volume discounts starting at 5 cds $15 each

 Call 435-628-7809

Or write: Lincoln CD

                  85 East Center

                 Ivins, Utah 84738