Today a man asked me:


Hi Jay,

Found you on you tube and impressed with the vocal ability.
I am working on enhancing my voice and become a more effective speaker.
I am honing in on using my diaphragm when speaking but I find it quite challenging
due to old habits. Any recommendations where to start or maybe coaching you can provide?

My reply:

I have done voice coaching.

I did a video about that: Breath right to speak and sing right.

Once I broke my back and had to wear a back brace for a while.

My posture was really good with that thing on and I could sing higher than I normally can.

So my first suggestions would be to have good posture, sit or stand up tall thus making room for your diaphragm to expand.

You can practice it.

William Danforth in his book I Dare You tells of the simple exercises he used:

More about it.

It has a link to another video “5 steps for better speaking. Here’s a post at another site of mine that may help a little.

And this next post has links to some diaphragm usage instructions:

Hope this helps you some.

Have fun with it.


And you have fun too and keep speaking.