It’s Saturday the 24th of September 2016.
I’m at my computer and the News on this network is as follows.
Presisdent Obama may veto the 9/11 bill, a law allowing US citizens to sue Suadi Arabia for deaths of relative in the Twin Towers.
He would do the world a service if he stopped a stupid law. The Saudia Government wasn’t to blame. There were people of other
countries, most of the world, who died there that day too. What about them? What would make the Saudi government pay anyone if sued
and won the suit?.
Next up, a lady zoo keeper was killed by a tiger. A peril of the job.
Next up: Mysterious Chiness skeletons found in ancient London cemetery. Researchers puzzed as to the why and how thses people showed up there.
As if ancient peoples didn’t travel and there was no such thing as slavery in the Roman Empire.
A fun side article was about a moose that stomped on a robotic lawn mower that tried to trim his hoofs. Good for you moose. Bullwinkel wins yet again.
Next something that could be really serious:
from Reuters news service – A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck off the Philippine’s Mindanao island on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.
Then more on the 9/11 bill.
Then to the election of the next president. A professor hasn’t mispredicted the outcome of an election since his 1984 start of prediction based
on a formula of 13 questions he has conceived of.
But the prophet says Trump may break the mold. Of course Trump is maligned in the process.
Then the Democrats input on the presidencial race.
Other things good and bad happened world wide.
Flooding in North Korea, a gunman killing 5 people, riolts, murders, Hoover reservoir stink, some lady’s bakini, guns, war in the middle east, etc.
Interesting what the top stories are on this page.
What does it matter what a celebrity wears?
Gate keeping is necessary due to time and space but the news the media includes or leaves out is a mystery to any sane person.
Next we find “What’s Hot”: What are the best cell phones you can buy and does your dog need a new bed?
Totally lame things to waste space and time.
Can anyone learn what is really happening in the world from news services?
How does knowing or not knowing about it affect one’s life?
What can one do about it? Should one try?
Tomorrow there will be more of the same.
Whether I read it or not the world will still rotate.
If I don’t read it, imagine the time I’d save over a year’s time.
Over a lifetime.
Oh, it’s getting late, I’d better start doing something of value and get off of this computer.