I got busy recording audio versions of articles for Chatfellow, a company that has a unique language learning program that is free to individuals if they are willing to go to the website weekly and spend 3 minutes a day reading scripts in the language they want to learn.

One of those articles was about work and how to make improvements in one’s wealth, and employment position.

I have some examples about how to grow one’s wealth. The article said “Don’t buy what you don’t need”

Bad habits can use up lots of money. Example: Two brothers I know of started out the same. One was adopted by an old couple who couldn’t have children, the other one was older and wouldn’t allow his name to be changed even though they both lived with the old couple until the older one went with his birth mother and her new husband.

The adopted brother took over the family farm at age 14 and the older brother ran away from his stepfather after his mother died at age 14.

The brothers stayed in touch. Each of them started to smoke tobacco. After two weeks, the younger one thought it a terrible waste of money, so he stopped. The older one kept smoking tobacco until in his 50s when he stopped.

The younger one inherited some land from his adopted parents and was able to add to it by buying more land with cash he had saved.

The older of the two didn’t own a house until in his 50s, having moved around a lot for work.

Both married and raised families. The only difference in land ownership was that one wasted money smoking tobacco and the other didn’t.

Money spent on what one doesn’t really need made the difference.