It’s still blowing in the wind.

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 It’s still blowing in the wind.

I was going to the street mail box yesterday and my next door neighbor says “Hi” to me. He’s holding his little 2 year old daughter in on arm and with the other a spray wand attached to the spray tank strapped over his back.  He’s spraying the green intruders in his front yard rock landscaping.

President Obama is very concerned about chemical warfare being used in Syria.  He wants to blow the place up while most Americans don’t want to.

Are those war chemicals so bad? What about the weed chemicals?

What is worse?   With a quick Google search I found weed poisons one can get at Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Scott and hundreds of other places on 10 pages.

I did find a link to a “Home made” Organic from Daily Green

No expensive chemicals needed.  And they even advocate learning how to pull weeds again.  Why?  Because these chemicals linger for “Decades After Use in Homes and Gardens”.

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One commenter really gave a good explanation of  the matter.  Here is her comment:

Colleen Marie Gray


“Roundup from Monsasnto is highly toxic to the environment , animals and humans! Doesn’t even come close to a safer alternative mixture of vinegar and salt!
1 out of 6 Americans today suffer from Asthma and allergies! You have to question if this could be from all the chemicals we’ve been exposed to today.
Anything we can do to live a cleaner healthier lifestyle without exposing ourselves to more chemicals is the way to go! Monsanto has poisoned enough people with all their dumping of chemical waste in our waters. What they don’t have to disclose in the US today is the truth of what’s in their ingredient line up.
Big companies can have just a few chemicals listed on the package but there may be as many as 7 or 8 toxic chemicals that they don’t list. It’s not required by law! And the companies hide behind the line of “it’s proprietary”! No….it’s just how they can use down, dirty and cheap chemicals to accomplish their goal without considering the ramifications to human, animal life and our environment. In other countries such as Europe they do require full disclosure on their skin care, cosmetics and cleaning agents.
Keep up the good work! Doing it naturally is always the best solution!”

And what are those chemical ingredients?

How Does Roundup work? See:

I’ll quote some from the article:  Glyphosate-based herbicides all work on the same biochemical principle — they inhibit a specific enzyme that plants need in order to grow. The specific enzyme is called EPSP synthase. Without that enzyme, plants are unable to produce other proteins essential to growth, so they yellow and die over the course of several days or weeks. A majority of plants use this same enzyme, so almost all plants succumb to Roundup. 

  • most people react badly to glyphosate (and other chemicals mixed with it) when ingested or applied to the skin, so you want to avoid any contact with the chemical.
  • Roundup will kill almost any plant, including aquatic plants, so you want to be sure to avoid spray drift onto other plants or into water…

About 100 million pounds of Roundup are applied to U.S. farms and lawns every year, according to the EPA.  What are the cumulative effects?

So What does the manufacture say about it?

Read for yourself:

Not harmful? Scientific American had the following article about Roundup @

It’s the inert ingredients that don’t have to be listed in combination with the main ingredient that cause the havoc to humans.  The comments have some great information.  Be sure to read them too.

What is agent orange?

 Agent Orange or Herbicide Orange (HO) is one of the herbicides and defoliants used by the U.S. military as part of its chemical warfare program,

Read more about it and other chemicals used to deprive the enemy of their food supply @

Many of these chemicals are “known to be a human carcinogens

And does this stuff ever go away?

Of the two herbicides that make up Agent Orange, 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, the latter is considered to be less biodegradable. While degradation of 2,4,5-T with a half-life on a scale of days can be achieved by adding bacteria of a special strain, “no substantial degradation” was observed in the same soil without addition of bacteria. The half-life of dioxins in soil is more than 10 years, and that of TCDD in human fat tissue is about 7 years.

And when combined with other chemicals?  Tests haven’t been conducted on most of those things in combination.

I wrote a post last year that fits this discussion. I am including it here in it’s entirety:

Blowin’ in the Wind.

 06 Apr 2012


Many people get ill in the Spring, I even had a chest infection(bronchitis) last week.


Well I believe the answer is blowing in the Spring breezes.  Let me explain.

The grass and quick growing spring vegetation starts growing and the towns, cities, counties and home owners, not wanting to work and abhorring green, start spraying poisons of all kinds all over, day after day. These chemicals are not only poisonous to plants but to man and animal alike.  And with the winds are blown every where when applied and when outgassing in the sun.

The people breath this stuff in and then become ill and the illness is just blamed on “it going around”, “I’m old”, “I’m run down”, etc.

The sprayers are waging a chemical war on the world and the weaker people get ill, and the yet weaker ones die and the weeds live on and on.

Part of an article talks about weeds, I’ve only included one paragraph and a link to the rest of the article.

After New York unleashed Operation Ragweed–spraying 200 to 300 gallons of the toxic brew on each acre treated–other communities joined the fray. Although they bought into the idea, as Zalck puts it, “that killing ragweed with herbicides would produce new vegetation, cleaner air, and healthier people,” that’s not what happened. After soaking its landscape with over eight million gallons of 2,4-D, New York City threw in the towel. Worse, and consistent with the contemporaneous blanket spraying of DDT, phenoxyacetic herbicides worked their way up the food chain, compromising air and water quality, and public health.”

Most of the weeds sprayed, just dry up and leave the dried remains to be a fire hazard.

Another article about weed killer points out  ”Americans just race to fix one problem by replacing it with a potentially larger problem.”

As I describe  in my book “The Canaries are Dying”, the weaker people get their immune systems weakened to the point that they develop disease and die due to exposure to the chemicals in our environment.  And like the Monster of Dr. Frankenstein, science becomes a menace to society because mankind attempts to improve on God creations.

The best way to get rid of the weeds you think are so harmful to your health, is to dig them out.  Then no one is harmed but the weed.”

So Chemical warfare.  Who’s waging it?  Will it harm us?

A book might be helpful.

 Silent Spring


 Let’s stop poisoning the world.

Some resources:


Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature
Rachel Carson: Witness for Nature

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Writers have warned of the dangers of unbridled chemical warfare on the world for years.
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What’s Wrong With Green?

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Spring is here and the poisons come out.

Every spring, the poisons start getting all over as the eager gardeners and the weed haters, bug haters start pumping out the poison at an alarming rate.

I live in southwestern Utah under red rock cliffs-color country.

Folks leave here for the eastern USA or for the Pacific Northwest or Europe and marvel at “all the green”.

But as soon as green starts popping up on the ground here, these same professed green lovers “freak out” about “the green in my yard”. Then an all out war with chemicals of all sorts begins.  They really hate green.

Several friends of mine were in Vietnam and the effects of Agent Orange have been devastating to all of them.  Many are even now dead from those effects.  Agent Orange, 2-4D, Round Up are all in the same chemical family. The weed killers to destroy the hated green.

But that isn’t all, they tell me that DDT and other pesticides were rained upon them in camps to protect from the dreaded mosquito.  The bug killers used today have just as drastic of effects on people.

People get ill when the spring winds blow this stuff all over, when put on lawns and gardens, around and inside of all buildings.

There are alternative that aren’t dangerous as are the poisons.

For weeds: Go pull them, get the lawn mower out, dig or cover the things.

For bugs: Use citrus oils, soaps, boric acid and the like.

What’s wrong with green?

Stop killing people.

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