Spring is here and the poisons come out.

Every spring, the poisons start getting all over as the eager gardeners and the weed haters, bug haters start pumping out the poison at an alarming rate.

I live in southwestern Utah under red rock cliffs-color country.

Folks leave here for the eastern USA or for the Pacific Northwest or Europe and marvel at “all the green”.

But as soon as green starts popping up on the ground here, these same professed green lovers “freak out” about “the green in my yard”. Then an all out war with chemicals of all sorts begins.  They really hate green.

Several friends of mine were in Vietnam and the effects of Agent Orange have been devastating to all of them.  Many are even now dead from those effects.  Agent Orange, 2-4D, Round Up are all in the same chemical family. The weed killers to destroy the hated green.

But that isn’t all, they tell me that DDT and other pesticides were rained upon them in camps to protect from the dreaded mosquito.  The bug killers used today have just as drastic of effects on people.

People get ill when the spring winds blow this stuff all over, when put on lawns and gardens, around and inside of all buildings.

There are alternative that aren’t dangerous as are the poisons.

For weeds: Go pull them, get the lawn mower out, dig or cover the things.

For bugs: Use citrus oils, soaps, boric acid and the like.

What’s wrong with green?

Stop killing people.