Yesterday Google + notified me that I had a comment on one of my You tube videos.

Here it is and my response.

beja hadid’s COMMENT 2/7/2015 on My Journey Into VO Land video

Jay, can you please explain how you developed your voice and can you share a few tips on how to narrate stories. I noticed you have a normal sounding voice and it switches into narrator style tone when your pitch drops.

My answer:

In another video, Five Steps for Better Speaking
Not only do I tell some tricks to develop the voice but in the description, I have links to other instructions and books about the subject.
Most people want conversational story telling.
If you know or learn the story, then when you narrate or tell it, get animated. Put life into it. Don’t try to be like someone else but like your self. People like that because it sounds real. Different styles of speech makes it conversational or like a narration.
Dropping one’s pitch may help but isn’t necessary.
I do volunteer work in a local historical tour program where I do a script, first person, of two Utah pioneers. Doing it several times daily, 5 days a week, to a different audience each time. This practice in storytelling really helps. Listen and copy those you like doing narration.
Check out the links on my main site
The voice sites have some different styles of speech from narration to commercials in the demo sections.
I hope this has helped answer your question.
If not write me at with attention in the subject section and I’ll respond again.
thank you for asking.


What do you do to narrate a story?

Now for some Tips:

-Read copy out loud.

copy is anything written, newspapers, books, magazine articles, etc.

-Listen to others narrate

an audio book will be read differently if it is a novel than if it is a technical piece

-Practice the style that will fit the subject matter


you can’t narrate anything if you don’t start doing it

Good luck.