The aspiring actor
(or internet auditions)

An actor is pounding the streets of a large city looking for a theater, talent agency or sound studio or radio or television station where he can audition for a much needed job.
All personal funds are gone and the expenses of living are high.
Then walks into a theater boasting a sign for a casting call today.
The room is filled with people and a desk where a studious person is processing each applicant.
After a short wait our actor approaches the table and introduces himself while asking if the auditions are still open.
“Yes.   Fill out these forms,” comes the reply.
When done he approaches the desk again and hands the forms to the attendant.
“These look fine.  That will $39.95 please.  Then you can get in line for your audition.  The spots are filling up fast.”
“But I’m looking for work that pays me. Since when must I pay to apply for a job?”
“I’m sorry but we require the fee.  There are costs for us to do this.  Do you want to apply or not?”
“Will I get hired if I pay the fee?”
“I can’t guarantee anything.  The fee is the cost to audition.  Do you want to audition or not?”
“I guess not, I don’t have any money.”
He leaves and further down the street sees a help wanted sign.
He enters and is greeted by a similar sight as was seen in the theater.
And here too after filling out an application is informed that a fee is required in order for the secretary to submit the forms and setup an interview.
The applicant leaves and wanders down the street finding this the case at every establishment he enters.
Tired, hungry, and depressed, he must look for a place to sleep and maybe a dumpster to scrounge some food from.
Sound strange? Familiar?
This is the way of the new internet acting scene.
Pay and you can audition with no promise of a job.