#Money making Opp or #scam?

Apr 13, 2015

This am I received this email:

Paul J.
To beachamj82@yahoo.com Today at 8:44 AM 4/13/2015
If you really need to make some extra money in your spare time,
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-After I follow the link and get to the videomercial, I’m informed that I am the 68th of 70 people who will be allowed to get into this great once in a lifetime opportunity.

A guy starts speaking. Good voice. Sounds like a voice actor like me.

The video is streaming so there are many interruptions, but when the white board presented parts are on, the video flows smoothly.

After most of the hype about how rich this guy and his students are and how I should order now, the price is finally shown below the video.

The cost has been reduced and is only $49.00 one time.                                                 It has a 30 day warranty guaranteed.

In the letter I read “with no investment” and “No investment needed”.

Free?  I don’t have even $49.00 available credit in either of my active credit card accounts. I have 13 cents in my wallet. Free? No investment? What is the $49.00 cost?

I wrote back:

I’f this isn’t a no response letter, then I have a suggestion.
Why not let me have this service for free for those 30 days, then if I make money then I pay the $49.
Jay Beacham”

If this guy truly believes in his wares and truly wants to help the poor to a better life style, then this would be the thing to do. Let them really try it for free and if it works then they pay him for it.

He gets money for each transaction his students make with the program and with 70 students, he stands to make a huge fortune too.

In my time on the net since 1997, I’ve seen this same, with minor differences, program offer at least 300 times.  It’s always the same.  Big bank figures, luxury houses, cars, vacations, etc. to entice the struggling internet success wannabe.  Always the limited number of persons who can get in.  The extreme value, but just for now only  and at the ridiculous price of $49.00 or whatever.

I get tired of seeing these things.  Do You?

A money opp or a scam?

What do you think?