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Jay Beacham
“pleasant guy next door”
On April 22, 2011
“Just visited your Voice123 web site my friend and had a listen to all your demo’s.
What a great speaking voice and personality you have.
I am very impressed with your voice but also the fact that you speak different languages and seem to be able to arise to most any occasion.
Your natural flow when speaking and understanding how to place emphasis on key words is amazing.
I loved all the demo’s.
You have a great voice my friend.
I enjoyed all your demo’s but especially announcing the Baseball game…You sounded like a pro for sure.”

June 2015
The Dixie Business Alliance just used my voice for two of their clients’ videos with
the narration for two new products coming to the marketplace.

A toothpaste dispenser


A toilet seat riser

You can use my narration to introduce your business to the world.

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