As I’ve gone out to acquire voice work, I hear:  “We do everything in house.”, “We have the radio station do it all for us.”  “You’re not this voice or that.” , and other reasons why they won’t even listen to me.  

I might be the best thing that ever happened to their company, but if they won’t even listen, how will they know?

“I understand that Mel Blanc went into Warner Brothers every week for three years trying to get heard. The main guy wouldn’t listen to him and then died. The new guy who took over, listened to Mel and Mel went on to make Warner Brothers.
The first guy had lots of voice people but not Mel and he was something special.
I could be too. You won’t know if you don’t listen to me.
Need a voice talent?”  posted at  Jay Beacham Services on May 23. 2016.

So I may be a Mel Blanc. 

I do voice work in English and German and a few other languages.

 Listen to me now.