Today with a horribly cold north wind howling, i took down two sign boards to redo them and was on a roof until 5:30 pm. Why do people wait until the weather is bad before they want anything done? I’ve been after folks for weeks while the weather was nice to do these things.

Same thing happened in the fall, they waited until winter was upon us to think of their outside maintenance needs.

Is there a explanation?  My 94 year old mother said its because folks fail to have common sense.  Is there more to it than that?

Last year folks waited for late fall for me to install asphalt shingles. Those shingles need summer’s heat to melt them together so they don’t blow off during the winter winds.  And flat roofs need to be exceptionally dry for the products to bond well. Even rubber products work better when its warmer for the installation.

Is there any accounting for this human behavior?