What is Jay’s Place for Blogs and Articles?

That is a fair question.  There are so many things on that page that a simple title doesn’t really have room to explain it all.

At the top you’ll find a photo of a healthy looking woman with the glow of the sun behind her next to the title.   A Clickstore link and Partner Program link.   These are online business opportunities for those so inclined.

Next comes two columns. I’ll explain the larger left column first.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Then comes a banner ad.  It changes from time to time.                                                             Then some sponsored line ads.

Then line links to:  Shop Amazon – Mother’s Day Gifts

Then others: Income for life the dot ws phenomenon,The voice as an instrument @ http://jaybeacham.com/ , List my Website,Lincoln’s Ghost  @ http://www.squidoo.com/jbeacham  Twitter follow button,  Get health coverage @ http://ivegotcoverage.com/9994972/Voice123.com – Voiceovers as easy as 1, 2, 3 , Get mortgages @ http://www.lowrateapprovals.com/63004/?page=team, and a banner ad from low rate approval, a link to My World Plus http://jaybeacham.mwptour.com/, “a hear me sing”link, a banner ad for IveGotCoverage.

After these comes a box with Amazon and clickbank products, an Amazon shopping widget, the Amazon deal of the day and lightning deal box, and some recordings I made on online Karaoke sites(Hope you enjoy some of them.)

Below the song boxes comes

New Release News

These are books, dvds, cds, products from Amazon, news feeds with interesting and sometimes the news of the times not to be had from other local sources.   Here is an example:

Argentine ‘miracle baby’ stable a month on

An Argentine baby who was mistakenly declared dead and whose parents found her breathing in the morgue 12 hours later has survived her first month of life, weighing in at just under 2.2 pounds.

The title is the link to the full story.

Below the news feed are more sponsored links that change regularly.  And last the visitor counter.

Now onto the right hand column.

A Google search button followed by the name of the page again.

Below that is a place to leave your email address if you wish to subscribe to the newsletter.

Under “Navigation” you have four articles about online subjects.

Under “Related Searches” “Instant Site Machine” ‘Try it For free’, an advertisement.

Then sponsored links: Box for Netflix   or some other thing.

And four line links.

Lastly the site info. category with site map.

That’s it! A lot to see and do. With more to come over time.

Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Can’t guarantee you’ll be better looking or wealthier but who knows you may be as you learn more from what is here.