It has been windy and cold in Utah’ Dixie for several days.

I’ve been re-shingling the north side of some friends’  roof.

“Why don’t you work in the mornings?” I was asked.

Well, when asphalt shingles are cold they don’t scuff up when walked on by installers and the cellophane strip on the back come off easily but they become stiff and are very hard to cut with a utility knife.  Shingles need to be cut to fit around pipes and vents and on the sides of the roof. A certain amount of heat is needed.

Tip: When possible, plan re-roof and roofing projects using asphalt shingles from late spring to early fall to avoid  cold temperatures.

Besides, the shingle tabs can melt into the glue strips when the weather is warm and cannot when it is cold.  Problem here is that winds could take tabs and even shingles off that are not sealed down.