There is gold in your own back yard.
One time, a brother of mine and I were digging a test hole by hand on a piece of ground we owned.
He said, “What if there is gold just a foot deeper?”
I said that I didn’t care because I had bills to pay and paying work waiting for me and that was my gold.
I may have been shortsighted in my decision to go to work that paid instead of trying a little more.
(We did find a layer of rock with a high, mine-able lead content and the clay was good for ceramics
but that required a lot of work to make pay. My brother sold his part of the land.
Now he rents.
In the 1849 California gold rush, a man left his apple orchard in the north east for his wife to tend to
and traveled over land to the gold fields. There he worked all summer and earned a small amount of
money from found gold, enough to return to the east by ship, with a few dollars left over.
What had his wife done while he was looking for gold?
A bumper crop of apples that year caused her to have to hire help to harvest and sell the crop
resulting in a positive cash flow.
Had he stayed home, not only would the travel expenses have been saved but perhaps all of the
hired labor costs. At the end they would have been much richer.
So there is gold in your own back yard though it most generally isn’t that metal that is so highly
sought. And there is work involved, more that just reaching down to pick up chucks of metal and then
trade them for cash.
So where are you going to look for gold?