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On Sing Snap Karaoke site about the song recording I made in June 2011 

They Called The Wind Mariah

oh my!!yes I love how you sound on this song..simply amazing sound made for singing songs like this..and should let the world hear you..they would be surprised that your not the original for it.Stunning performance.Gby.hugs, Brenda

There are a few places I try to share.
Here are three of them:

Lots of songs here, two of my own and some in a few foreign languages;

Just one song on this site:

Links here for many of my song recordings and also a link to my Sing Snap page.

The recordings go from November 2010 to the present.

So I’ve tried to let the world hear my singing voice.

So until next time, this is Jay Beacham saying singing is fun.