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I just spent one and a half hours reading through and deleting all but two of 2,259 comments posted to my website pending file.   I sent them all to the spam folder and then emptied it.

Some were blatant ads, some straight forward links, some made no sense, some were in German, some in Russian, some in squares, whatever language that is supposed to be, but most were generic statements applied with no thought  to indiscriminate  pages at random by some computer software.

The one that I approved was from a hosting company but was applicable to the page it was on.

It told of Abraham Lincoln and was on The Lincoln’s Ghost Returns 2010 page.

The other got lost somewhere but i wrote it’s point down where I could keep it.

My point: if you want a back link from me, read the post or page and make your own real comment.



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I started in January of 2008.
Since that time I’ve received many thousands of spam comments.
Most are generated by computer software programs.

Real people wouldn’t write such tripe nor

place those comments on such odd ball pages like the contact or policy page.
Today I deleted 142 fakes.
This one made me laugh because it was so “priceless

Submitted on 2016/09/13 at 8:28 pm
This post is priceless. How can I find out more?

It was placed on the:

Rate Schedule page.


(note: one meaning of tripe is:

2. Slang. something, especially speech or writing, that is false or worthless; rubbish)

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