Which language do you want to read this in?

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When you go to this site,  you get the choice of about 15 languages to read about it.

I followed the English and the German to the next page.

It looks interesting.



Check it out.

Okay, I’ve checked this page a few times.

I looked at the German scripts as I speech German.

But how is it pronounced?

You surely need to buy the program for that feature.

How much is that?

I’ll find out and let you know.

I recorded my take of  “Those were the Days” on the Sing Snap Karaoke site online.

And thought,  “What about the Russian? After all it was a Russian song “By the Long Road.”

I found three versions on You Tube in Russian and listened after I’d found the lyrics.

The trouble with Russian or Greek, is that is uses a different writing.

 Дорогой длинною

I can’t read that.

But I found a phonetic set of lyrics and a translation to English.

Dorogoy dlinnoyu

That made it easier but my oh my those sounds.  Not even sure if I hear what the ladies are singing.

I found a solution so  can learn it and how to sing it in Russian.

In the box are some icons.  The speaker icon when clicked, the words are spoken.


(Another cool thing that’s unrelated but useful is Google’s URL Shortener )

A child learns by only hearing.   For me hearing someone say the words in the language is really important.

I can read along and learn how to spell at the same time.   Spanish is much easier for me but I still need that

hearing how it is said.

So I’m going to study the scripts that are free and use the pronunciation tool and see what happens.

Maybe I can later upgrade and get it at this site.

If you buy the e-book, the system is explained and has 30 days of English scripts.

You can get the scripts at Anazine for free and upgrade packages are explained in it.

Check it out:


If you want to upgrade the product, order from:


Why more than one language?