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New Promo

04 May 2009 | : blog

A new promo has been added to Titandusk’s You Tube channel.

Its about pioneer peacemaker to the Indians, Jacob Hamblin, as portrayed by Jay Beacham in a 2007 St. George Live show. It was filmed by older brother, Don Beacham, Jr. and edited (with effects added) by son James Beacham.

New Posts

01 May 2009 | : blog

New Posts on my space blog/classifieds

Check them out.

Santa Clara Utah today

01 May 2009 | : blog

 The mural dedication was at Santa Clara town hall today. Lyman Hafen was out with his camera for the story.  A school choir 4th graders  were singing. Artists  were displaying their wares.  There were cookies for the guests(not sure where they were baked) and inspiring remarks from the mural artist and the lady who originated the idea for the mural and local historian Joyce Wittwer Whitaker, and Lee Esplin who offered the dedicatory prayer, &  from folks I spoke to after wards.

 You should have been there.

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