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Hi Cousin!

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Hi Cousin!

Tennessee Earnie Ford called everyone cousin when he played
Cousin Earnie on the I Love Lucy show in 1955..
Was he just trying to promote his cornseed hick persona?
Or was there some truth in his assertion of us all being cousins?

I say he was right.
We are all cousins, especially here in the USA.

With all the divisiveness going on these days, we should consider
who our cousins are. And even though we oft times disagree with
their beliefs and or actions, should have more loving feelings for our family.

As summer/2020, I learned that I have 9 cousins who are part Negro.
They include:

Rosa Parks ( a civil rights heroine)
14th Cousin
Several lines of connections to Cassius Marcellus Clay
aka Muhammad Ali. (A famous Boxer.)
Connection and dates I learned about it.
13th Cousin 1 time removed
13th Cousin 426/2020/5/26/19
8th Cousin 1 time removed 3/22/2020
11th Cousin 2 times removed 2/10/2020
15th Cousin 9/8/2019
13th Cousin 2 times removed 7/12/19

Jackie Robinson 12th Cousin 1 time removed 3/31/19
13th Cousin 1 time removed 5/26/19
(He was a famous baseball player and I loved baseball as a boy.)

Araminta Harriet Ross Tubman (a Civil War period abolitionist )
11th Cousin 4 times removed
(from a Charles Morton 1472-1531 abd Maud Dallison 1483) 10/13/18

Araminta Harriet Ross Tubman 12th Cousin 3 times removed 7/22/18

Martin Luther King 10th Cousin 1 time removed 8/29/18
Martin Luther King, Jr. 9th Cousin 7/5/2020

Jimi Hendrix 12th Cousin 1 time removed 7/5/20
James Marshall Hendrix 9th Cousin 2 times removed 4/15/17

Barack Obama 9th Cousin 1 time 7/5/20
Barack Obama 11th Cousin 2 times removed 4/26/20

George Washington Carver  14th Cousin 1 time removed

on August 30th 2020 I learned of more negro connections:

(3 are listed above but here show the common ancestor)

Maya Angelou 12th Cousin 2 times removed David Barclay
Aretha Franklin 12th Cousin 2 times removed John La Zouche
Muhammad Ali 14th Cousin Robert Newman
Elijah Able 9th Cousin 5 times removed Mary Brereton
Nat King Cole 11th Cousin 2 times removed Robert Welles
Barack Obama 9th Cousin 1 time removed Mareen Duvall
Charles R. Drew 6th Cousin 3 times removed Benjamin Armstrong
Jimi Hendrix 12th Cousin 1 time removed Nicholas Water
Langston Hughes 9th Cousin 2 times removed Thomas Burgess
Henrietta Lacks 13th Cousin Thomas Tobias II Chandler
Jessie Owens 13th Cousin 1 time removed William Glover Cranfield

Then there is Wilton Norman Chamberlain 14th cousin 1 time removed.

That’s sixteen cousins with some African heritage.

The song “Abraham, Martin, and John” means more now that I know all three of them were cousins of mine.

(A Lincoln 5th,  MLK 9th & 10th, JfK 14th)

I have direct line indigenous Americans ancestors:

Montauk, Mohawk, Powhatan
-Wyandance Grand Sachem of the Montauk Tribe Wise Speaker Tribe
11th Great Grandfather ( his wife was a Mohawk of the Iroquois
Confederation)( & Pequots of the Connecticut area)
There is much confusion about:
-Matoaka ‘Pocahontas’ Powhatan 2nd Cousin 9 times removed 11/14/18
10th Great Aunt 11/29/18 & 3/16/19
11th Great Aunt 1/17/17
2nd Cousin 9 times removed 2/17/19
1st Cousin 13 times removed
Shows chief Tucker as the common ancestor 2/10/20
2nd Cousin 12 times removed
show as Chief Tucker’s father the connection Ensenore
Algonkian Chief Powhattan 3/7/20
But we are diffinatelly related.

I have many Hebrew lines:
5 from Judah,
many from Ephraim, and
some from Manasseh

There’s the Hun line
Pecks to Sevielles to Huns from Mongolia-China

The Visigoths of Spain from Mongolia-China

Ancestors nearly from every nation in Europe (Scandinavia to Italy,
Ireland to the East, Turkey and on south and eastward.

So if that many national origins plus many more makes up my cousins
and my ancestry, what are you talking about when you talk about
race being a division?
Earnie Ford was right, we are all cousins.

September update:

Okay let’s name different people.
Should we add a hyphen?
What’s wrong with that?
Nothing if used correctly.
But the following two are largely misused.
An indigenous inhabitant of a country isn’t anymore a native than any other person born in that country,
A person born in Africa who then immigrates to America is an African American.
A person with ancestors from Africa, who was born in America, is an American.
End of story.
When was the last time you heard the phrase:
That’s right!
I asked a friend about this today.  He’d never heard the term European American.
He said he was born here and his parents and grandparents  making him what? A Native American,
a “Heinz 57″, or in other words “An American.  He is a relative of Pocahantas Powhatan, has Icelandic, and many European ancestors.  His wife is of Irish, French, Eskimo  decent making her a what? an American.


If you want to see how closely you and I  are related, then join Family Search.

It’s free!

Then join Relative Finder, free too.

You sign in with your Family Search account.

Here’s a link to my family group:

Password: 333333

Invite Url:

And then see if we have a close connection.
Jay Beacham

“Get Off The Street!”

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“Get Off The Street!”

These days many are seeing world wide actions by police that are arbitrary, brutal,
and against common reason and against the law.
Well, I think many not only crave power but ease.
Real crime is never targeted.
Fake accusations and suspicion or entrapment where the police ask people
to do something so that they can be arrested.
(the action of tricking someone into committing a crime in order to secure
their prosecution. “his style of investigation constitutes entrapment”)
Right here where I live this happens all the time.
A neighbor was accused of drug trafficking because of his cub scout pine wood
derby race car scale.

Continental Toyota Hosts Pinewood Derby | Uncategorized




A farmer was raided because he was raising okra.

Okra plant health benefits, uses and information (Lady finger ...

Another farmer was told to get rid of his field of weeds, a field of ripening wheat.

MSU Introduces Two New Winter Wheat Varieties | Northern AG Network

A real thief was apprehended by a town Marshall but the court let the guy go
because the victim didn’t have serial numbers on all the stolen items. This
led to the marshal quitting saying, “Why catch crooks if they let them
go like this?”
A missing light on a license plate is a bigger crime than theft.
Why arrest for real crime when minor unimportant things are so easy to

This sort of thing happened in the past:
Alma 10 in the Book of Mormon:
“13 Nevertheless, there were some among them who thought to question them,
that by their cunning devices they might catch them in their words, that they might
find witness against them, that they might deliver them to their judges that they
might be judged according to the law, and that they might be slain or cast into
prison, according to the crime which they could make appear or witness
against them.
14 Now it was those men who sought to destroy them, who were lawyers,
who were hired or appointed by the people to administer the law at their
times of trials, or at the trials of the crimes of the people before the judges.
15 Now these lawyers were learned in all the arts and cunning of the people;
and this was to enable them that they might be skillful  in their profession.”

In other words, the legal system would set people up to make it appear
that crimes had been committed so they could have trials and keep the
attorneys, judges, and officers of the law in business.

These days, judges don’t want real crime to get it’s day in court.
They want divorces, drug use, traffic violations to fill the courts because
they are easy.

Is there a solution?
What do you think?

Should we be alarmed?

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Should we be alarmed?

I’m a downwinder of the open air nuclear testing of the 1950s.
When I was in junior high school, the government conducted a testing program of
the students in St. George, Utah.
In the old quonset shaped brick gymnasium were assembled a drove of doctors of
all sorts to test the students of the junior high and high school.
I remember the dentists could tell if a student lived in neighboring Santa Clara
by the perfect teeth we had due to the mineral content of our culinary water.
A few days later, we’d see some students in school with a scar on the base of
their throats. They’d had an operation on their thyroid gland because of the
effects of the radiation on them.
My friends and I surmised that it was because of where they lived. Many live
in the Washington and St. George fields away from the ridges and mountains
where the winds would come from southern Nevada unhindered.
The Ivins bench seemed effected and places like Veyo too.
Later I realized that it was due to other factors besides the fallout.
During the 1950s many films were made in Washington County Utah.
Among those was “The Conqueror” starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward.
Many in the cast later developed some form of cancer which was attributed to
the fallout in the sands of Snow Canyon and elsewhere where filming was done.
Most of those were alcohol drinkers and heavy smokers..
Mac Hafen, a small boy at the time, spent time with his trick pony on the set.
Some of his family have over the years developed cancer and some have
even died from it. Yet Mac, now in his early 70s, hasn’t.
Why? He was on the set. He would have played in the dirt of Snow Canyon.
Those with the cancer troubles weren’t there. Some weren’t even born.
What made the difference?
There are other factors. Let’s say the straw that broke the camel’s back.
He came from a farm family who operated a nursery.
A man, Ivin Wittwer, used trichogamma wasps for bug control. He couldn’t have
them shipped to the Ivin’s Post Office, which was in the same building and
common area as the nursery, because the out gassing poisons in the nursery
would kill the little wasps.
The use of these poisons and the smelling of the out gassing in that and other
local nuseries, could have been that straw.
We are so alarmed over the outbreak of a new virus worldwide and yet we
still are spraying poisons on every green blade of grass or spraying
pre-emergence poisons all over our yards, streets and byways.
And as spring begins, the pest control sprayers are starting out in force
spraying poisons in and around every house and building.
If someone’s immune system isn’t compromised already, it will be.
A brother of mine has had leukemia and a nervous disorder for years.
He was improving until the yard guy sprayed lawn, rock, and concrete
around his apartment complex with a pre-emergent poison..
The straw that breaks the camel’s back.
Poison is still poison.
The canaries are dying and warning us of the danger we all face because
of the use of poison on everything all the time.
Shouldn’t we be as concerned about that as we seem to be over the new virus?

Jay Beacham

A new book The Canaries Are Dying:

Explains about many poisons in our modern society that are compromising people’s immune systems.

Trichogamma Wasp

Image result for trichogramma wasp

My e-book store

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You like to read?

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Love Song CD Collection For Valentine’s Day 2020

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Love Song CD Collection For Valentine’s Day 2020

Friday the 14th of February is Valentine’s Day this year.
give yourself and/or your loved one the Love Song cd collection @
Love Songs I, II, III, IV, V
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House I Live in

Lincoln’s Ghost and Me

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Lincoln’s Ghost and Me

misc. photos etc 059

I started portraying Mr. Lincoln in 1972 at Dixie Junior College in St. George Utah.
I was a seated Abraham Lincoln on a float a girl’s housing apartment complex entered into the Homecoming parade.
A guy from the drama department makeup class manufactured a chin beard on my face.
The department costume lady got me a set of Lincoln clothes.
I sat on a chair like the monument in DC at the Lincoln Memorial amid guys from the associated men student leadership.
One black ball player and a white guy as modern students, one man as a Confederate soldier and one as a Union soldier of the Civil War.
The float’s point was that the past made modern schooling available to all.
I was in a play or two for the fun of it, even being the sound engineer for one play and did a weekly radio news program but nothing more about Lincoln.

Later I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.
One of my first classes was stage makeup.
The instructor thought that I and another fellow had facial structures similar to Lincoln and we should learn to use make up for old Abe.
We studied the face and on a drawing we made, we designed how we should use lines and shadowing and highlights of grease paints and makeup pencils to look more like Mr. Lincoln.
I found out that my health was adversely effected by those paints and gave it up and tried something else.
I was in several plays and in two operas but mostly not for credit but for fun having been asked to participate.
I was a voice in a radio play and then left school for work.

In the 1980s I stared doing one man appearances as Abraham Lincoln teaching the principles of integrity that can be learned from Honest Abe.
I developed a script to introduce him based on stories of the appearance of Lincoln’s Ghost in the White House and elsewhere.
By this time my facial hair was coming in full and dark and I made a good Mr. Lincoln.

But then life and work got in the way of doing more with my Lincoln’s Ghost character.
I did other one man shows and some stage and film acting.
In 2004 I dressed as Lincoln for the Republican Party County Lincoln Day Breakfast
to deliver the Gettysburg Address.

Then when 2009 came around and the 200 year anniversary of Lincoln’s birth drew near,
I thought now was the time to do Lincoln in a big way.
But my beard was getting very white even though my head hair has stayed dark for longer.
At first I thought this would be a problem.
Then I reasoned, no problem, a ghost would look ghosty.
To make the beard not stark white as I have it for some other characters I’ve played and still do, I color the beard a little with charcoal. This makes it a little darker, grayish really, and I can be Lincoln’s Ghost not a Lincoln impersonator.

I’d been working in St. George Live performances for several years
portraying Jacob Hamblin and Brigham Young
and being close to the city staff running the Pioneer Opera House,
I contracted to rent the hall and put on Lincoln’s Ghost.

I’ve done it for four years now. 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014.
One year I was in Ghost Tours in Santa Clara in October
and one year appeared at the Washington County Fair so people could get their photos taken with Mr. Lincoln.
Another year I attended the St. George City 4th of July day celebrations as Mr. Lincoln
at the political booths, photos with celebrants, road in the little train, helped judge the hot dog eating contest and was interviewed by a TV News program.

I’ve presented Lincoln’s Ghost to both Democrat and Republican Parties, to public, private and home schools, to a policeman convention.
One year, the students at Red Mountain Elementary School who were studying US History met with Lincoln’s Ghost in the gym.
2012 saw Lincoln’s Ghost at the Washington (Utah) County Fair where he recited some of his poetry at the Poetry contest, had his photo taken with the Fair princess, and people could get their photos taken with Lincoln’s Ghost.
In 2014, St. George hired me to tell stories as Mr. Lincoln on President’s Day February 22.
Whereas other years the show had been on February 12th-Lincoln’s birthday anniversary.
Lincoln’s Ghost in Pleasant Grove, UtahPoetry, 

Lincoln’s Ghost at the Utah Patriot Camp.
“Wednesday, June 7, 2017! Camp will begin at 9:30. We’ll start with the flag ceremony and the Gettysburg Address. At about 9:40, we will separate and go to the different stations. The six groups will rotate through the six stations. ages 5 to 13 and older teen leaders.” The young people asked many questions about the presentation: some funny ones are recounted at: The presentation included Lincoln’s poetry and the “wild bear chase”. Hear a re-telling of it:
2019 for President’s day, Lincoln’s Ghost was at the Veterans Home in Ivins, Utah. He told his advise about how the government should be and he sang some songs. One can be heard at
February 12, 2020 is Lincoln’s Birthday anniversary and President’s day is February 17th. Do you need Lincoln’s Ghost at your school or event? Contact him at: there are 5 page links at the top of the page that tell about Lincoln’s Ghost. And you can find the 2009 one man show on You Tube and promos for 2010 and 2011 there too.

One man asked when I was going to do another show. Soon. It will be: The Wisdom of Lincoln.

See more at:

Promote your business-make a video

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Promote your business-make a video

Do you want to promote your small business or your great idea or your knowledge about a subject?

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Get Jay Beacham

Can we make the new year bring what we want?

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Can we make the new year bring what we want?
It’s a new calendar year and the statements of making our own destiny abound.
Let’s take a look back with my 20/20 hindsight at the 2019 calendar year.
I hadn’t planned any of these things.
On January 3,  a contractor cut down bamboo on my property and stole it.
In March, he cut down a 34 year old tree and stole it and cut it a second time
along with many seedling trees.
The police would do nothing about it.
In May,  I suffered a heart attack.
In June, my pickup broke down and stayed that way most of the rest of the year.
I never planned any of those happenings.
A friend of mine just died in the last week of the year.  His family was surprised
as he was happy and healthy.  I’m sure that wasn’t in his plan.
On the last day of the year,  my oldest son’s pickup died on the road and had to
be towed. Certainly not in his plan.
In all our desires and dreams for the coming year of our lives, we cannot control
the actions of others, mechanical breakdowns (a local judge once said that
people should know where their cars will break down or run out of gas.
How rediculous.), our health, or the end of life.
Making plans is a good thing but if life happens to change all of our goals
and plans, it doesn’t mean we are less of a person because those goals
weren’t attained as some of the statements of  ”We can be what we decide”.

Unions as I see them

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In the early 1970s, I lived in Provo, Utah.
Needing a job, a man at church said go to the Missionary Training Center Building
project where he worked.
I did only to learn that it was a union job and if not already a union member, I
couldn’t get hired.
Later I was employed by a construction company, Distinctive Structures.
We build pole buildings in northern Utah and southern Wyoming.
One job we had was for a dairy in West Mountain, Utah, on the south west side of
Utah Lake, just north of Santaquin. we were constructing a milking shed.
Treated forms were installed for the base between the poles, then metal siding
and roofing over the trusses. The cement floor would be poured later inside those
One day two new men showed up for work. Both from the carpenter’s union.
They were older that me and had been carpenters with the union for many years.
So they took over as the boss was not there that day.
They started to build it wrong at the base which would cause problems when
we reached the rafters. I informed them of their error to no avail.
They were union men and knew it all.
When the sides reached the roof area, the error was very apparent and needed
to be remedied.
The two know it all union men came cap in hand to me begging that I help
solve their problem, saying, “Afterall, you’ve built these things before.”
I solved their problem so that we could continue building.
The owner had made some kind of contract with the union that only their
members could work for him and former employees, who were non-union,
couldn’t join. So I was fired,
Utah is a right to work state and a person doesn’t have to join a union to work.

An attorney said that since the job was such a low paying one that fighting the
issuse woluldn’t be worth while.
Maybe so, but the principle was the point.
Had I know about the National Right to Work Committee then, I may have
pressed the issue. I dIdn’t, so I dropped the matter.

My take on that, unionism promotes arrogance, poor workmanship, poor
quailfications, and a host of other ills.

Later while living in Cottage Grove, Oregon, I worked at a manufacturing plant.
I held several positions. One was cleanup. I went from doing one man’s job to
doing 5 men’s jobs and still had time to clean windows on the south side of the
plant, not cleaned in anyone’s memory. And this all on a daily basis.
Did I get paid more for more work? No. Pay only increased per union schedule.
I didn’t have to join the union, and was glad I didn’t.
“Some hot shot young man shouldn’t get paid more than the old guy who’s been
here a long time.” Was the union attitude.
The shop foreman of the International Machinist’s union asked me why I
didn’t join. Later he complained that they paid dues monthly, but the international
union did nothing for them.
Why should I join? So I didn’t.
The retirement pay was good at 1cent per hour worked. But the owners most
likely would have paid that or more anyway.
A year or so later, the local union went on strike. The company hired scabs
because this was their tax write-off comapany, so it didn’t matter to them.
And even though the 2 men at the pickett line sat there for over a year, the inter-
national union never did anything for them.

A cousin in Las Vegas couldn’t work for a year or two because of union strikes.
Are unions any good?
I’d say no.
Unions are run by men who don’t work but get paid well by those who do, dues
paying workers. They don’t have to help workers because they are now set.
The value unions once affored workers no longer exists.




Who are the Real Criminals?

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Seldom do people read what I write or listen to what I say,
but I feel I must write and talk about this.

A few years ago, I thought I should inverst in gold and silver.
Not having much in the way of funds, I choose to buy on options.
I infested in a company that seemed reputable.
Things went well and I started getting checks every month or so on earnings.
Then my broker was no longer with the company.
The new guy seemed very concerned that I not lose money, telling me when to sell
before the market dropped.
The company motto being “Buy, Sell, or Trade at any time.”
One Monday he called, “May need to sell”.
The next day, he called, “Don’t need to sell. Check on Friday.”
On Friday I called. He was at lunch not to return that day.
On Monday the market fell and I lost all unless I put in more money.
I did. Shortly after that, the owner of the firm was caught with his car trunk full
of gold bullion leaving the firm. He had priviosly withdrawn large sums from the
local Wachovia Bank on a daily basis over several months time. During that time,
he kept informing his reps to sell more.
It was learned he had stolen $29 million from the firm and investors.
He was caught, tried, sentenced to 12 years in a gentleman’s prison, replete
with a furlough system, and ordered to pay back $19 million to investors.
A law firm for the victims started the process of liquidating all holdings of the
company, obtaining judgement against every principle broker and advisor of the
company and any other means possible to raise the $19 million plus their fee.
What had this guy done with all the money?
Wachovia Bank was bought out by Wells Fargo, so they even went after Wells
Fargo for $3 million for allowing the improper withdrawing of monies by the owner
of the investment firm.
After liquidating every property, even the office furniture, the Wells Fargo money
was needed for investors to get paid back.
I was only out $21,400, but spoke to an Atlanta investor who was out $140,000.
One man even had lost $538,000.
Wells Fargo lost and made a payout of $1.3 million, with their attorneys and
the victims’ attorneys getting paid their time on the case out of that settlement.
After the victims attorneys had collected $650,000 wages(only by the hour the
judge said. $350 to $500 or more per hour. Wouldn’t that be a nice hourly wage?),
they determined there was no more for them to get from this case and made a
settlement among the victiims of a penny on the dollar.
My $21,400 became $214.00.
“Accept or get nothing.”
The guy with the $538,000 loss had died, his heirs got about $5,380.00,
not even enough to pay for his funeral.
Why bring this up?
Who were the crooks in this case? The owner of the investment firm?
Or the Judge and the attorneys?
You decide for yourself, but I tend to believe that the legal people were the real
criminals here.


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