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A Girl’s First Job

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A Girl’s First Job

Recently I was asked to accompany a woman I know on her visit to see her father
and other family in Trofaiach, Austria. I’d lived near there as a 19 year old LDS
missionary 50 years ago. Many things have really changed there but some things
have not. The hospitality of the people is much the same as it was then.
This woman and I had time to talk at the meal tables and on walks and outside
on the stairs or on the patio. The following is some of what she told me about
her first job in Sankt Gallen, Austria. A distance of 57.6 klicks from Trofaiach.
About an hour by car. The road goes through Eisenerz. Back then there was
a passenger service by train between Sankt Gallen and Trofaiach.
This is some of what she told me happened to her during the two years on her
first job. 8/11/2019
Jay Beacham

Meet Ilse Kubik, a pretty 17 year old girl from Trofaiach, Austria.

Auatria trip photos 1 072
In the early 1970s she was out of school and wanted to become a nurse.
Because it would take 3 years study, followed by 3 years nursing service in
an underdeveloped country, her mother suggested another kind of a job in the
mean time so she could earn money right away instead of spending so many
years spending money before she could start earning.
She looked in the want ads for jobs, saw one she liked, applied for it and within
a day or two was hired.
She would be the personal secretary to a court judge in Sankt Gallen, a town
about an hour north of Trofaiach. She’d go on Monday, stay in an apartment for
the week, then return home on the weekends.
What an adventure this would be without straying to far from home.
She got on the train the first day and rode to Sankt Gallen. From the train station
it required a walk of some distance to get to where she would work.
She acquired housing on the second story of a store. It was the whole floor with
glass windows all around it.
Her boss was a judge from Klagenfurt. He’d drive her home on Fridays on the
way to his home. On Mondays she’d take the train or a young man friend of hers,
Jurgen Reisner, would drive her to work.
One day she missed her train. The only train going that would get her to
work on time was a locomotive  freight train. She talked to the engineer, who
allowed her to ride along on the engine. The coal man always filling the boiler
made it hot and the soot made her face, hands, and clothes black. But she got
there early enough to make the long walk and be at work on time.
Her job consisted of accompanying the judge as he went to investigate traffic
accidents. She’d record everything in shorthand and then upon returning to the
office, type it all for the records.
The first accident they went to was a two truck wreck. One driver was yelling in
pain. They got him out but he lost both of his legs. She later saw him in the
court house legless, in a wheelchair.
It wasn’t always so dramatic.
Nights her peace would be interrupted by boys pitching pebbles at the windows.
One night a window was broken by the rock tossers.
Her Uncle Max was informed of the situation and came up with a plan to put an
end to the trouble.
Max was her mother’s brother. He was an interesting character. As a boy he
had gotten polio which left him in a wheel chair with little control of his upper body.
But Max was a good natured kind of a guy, making do with his limited mobility,
became a fine artist dealing in oils, ink, watercolor. He excelled at it. I really like
his ink drawings, though I don’t care much for his modernistic stuff.
He became so proficient at chess, that the city of Leoben chess club expelled
him because no one could ever beat him at the game.
I was a missionary there in Leoben and lived up the street on the downhill side of
Barbaraweg (Barbaraway) street. He and his mother lived in a one level apartment
house on the same side of the street. My missionary companion and I would often
stop and get him and wheel him to church meetings in town or just to visit.
Max knew many missionaries before and after me. He became good friends with
them all.
To solve Ilse’s night pebble problem, Max recruited 8 missionaries, Jurgen Reisner
and some other young men to go to Ilse’s place. That night when the pebbles stared,
a young man would open and lean out the window being hit and yell. After several
windows were tried, the throwing stopped and never occurred again as long as she
lived there. Max’s plan worked.
Once after that a pebble did strike one of her windows one afternoon.
When she looked out it was the owner of a neighboring gasthaus (guesthouse)
who’d thrown the stone.
He’d come to ask her to work as a waitress for him nights after her regular job.
She took the side job. The gasthaus was very busy at that time of year with guests
from all over coming nightly for meals, beer, entertainment and socializing.
She became an instant favorite of the patrons.
One of her admirers sent flowers, candies, and the like over a period of time.
Finally by letter her secret admirer arranged to meet her in the afternoon between
her jobs and take her for a ride in his car so they could talk.
She waited for the appointed time. The admirer sent a young man in a sports car
to pick her up. She went with him not knowing that the admirer was following in the
car behind them. Later he revealed himself and Ilse learned he was married.
She promptly informed him that she didn’t go out with married men. That ended the
Once, her friend Renatta, who worked for a dentist, received an invitation for she and
Ilse to go to a party at a ski resort with two young men on a Friday night. They went.
And after the party on the way down the mountain the girls expressed concern about
the speed the car was traveling. At that the young men asked them to get out and
walk home.
They got out and were soon left in a very dark forest. So dark in fact that they had to
feel their way from tree to tree. After a while they came upon a ski hut, entered and
spent the night there.
The morning dawned sunny and bright. Their arms were covered in sores.

Later they learned that parasites that had been in the blankets had attacked them.

The sores continued for some time until doctors solved it for them. Ilse only had one
outbreak of it after that, which she solved by using Vicks vapor rub. Her cat didn’t
like the smell and she surmised that the parasites wouldn’t either. She was right.
Her doctor thanked her and wrote that down so as to use for his patients in the future.
They started to walk down the very, very steep road, grateful that they hadn’t been in
that car the night before.
One man who visited the gasthaus was from Amsterdam. He was so impressed
by Ilse that he offered her a job at his company in Amsterdam at the end of summer.
She declined the offer as she had already made up her mind to move to America
and get married.
She did get married in America and still lives in the United States.
She’d spent a wonderful two years working in Sankt Gallen, Austria with many
exciting experiences.
So ends her story of her first job, well first two jobs.


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Why are people fascinated with parades?

One went past my house today.  Heritage Days?  Nothing about heritage in it at all.

Many spectators stood and sat under the shade of the trees in front of my house as they always do.

heritage day parade 005

There was a scout color guard bearing the flag while a speaker in a jeep blasted a girl singing the national Anthem in anything but a traditional style.

A school marching band,  cars, trucks, flat beds carrying people waving flags, arms, and throwing candies at the onlookers.

heritage day parade 023

heritage day parade 036                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A flat bed with a game cage on it where a man and woman threw darts or something.

One with some cub scouts.  One with some little children.

There was the current Tuacahn Broadway show float advertising “The Littlest Mermaid”.

Of course the incumbent politicians in golf carts, throwing candy to win support and show they care for the citizens, though that is all they  do for the citizens.

A radio station truck blaring their music.

And of course, there were the Princesses’ cars and float.

We fought to found a new country with no royalty but deep inside people still long to worship royalty of some kind.

Explain that.

Over the years I have watched many parades for all kind of occasions, even rode on floats and walked in some.

The best views, besides maybe the ones on Television, were from roof tops in St. George, Utah while I was repairing roofs  along Tabernacle Street and St. George Blvd on 100 north.

The parades use to end with the National Guard driving a tank or truck of some gun down the street, sort of like the military parades that some countries still have.

But now it ends with a firetruck, ambulance, rescue vehicle, etc. making a noise with the siren.  There were all three today.

Then the parade was over.

Why do we have these things anyhow?

To show how great we are? Advertise? Waste time and money?

Who knows.  Certainly I don’t.


Note: The photos are from a Heritage day parade in 2009

Not a dream in Ivins

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I had a dream that I did lose the appeal in an actual court room and when outside
of the court room a lady asked me why I was fighting it.
My attorney even said I was technically guilty.
My response started just to her and then to another lady and then to a whole  crowd with nothing but positive response.

My response:
It’s the principle of the matter.
They have been harassing me, singling me out.
Another lady remarked about the developer.
Yes, he and his buddies at the zoning department, each time he barks, they jump.
At first using drone obtained photos, which is illegal.
So then they used county tax assessor aerial photos that can be zoomed in to see
a mole on your face.
If drone photos taken under 450 feet are illegal, then aerial photos that can zoom in are illegal.   The crowd agreed.

Then what is the purpose of fences?
There is none.
The only way the zoning guys saw and complained is that they basically looked
through knot holes and used the aerial photos.
And my acreage is not residential but agricultural of 3.63 acres.
Can’t park RVs unless a primary residence is there.
But prior to the 2008 ordinance, RVs*, unless registered with DMV, were illegal to
be parked at a residence.

(Under penalty of fines of $25 daily, I was forced to move my motor home to my acreage 2 months prior to the ordinance.)
For 9 years and 11 months none of this was an issue until
the developer barked.
(I had a construction trailer, a green house, several storage trailers, and several
trailers being demolished on my acreage.)
Why did the judge rule against you? was asked me.
That’s what they do; they never intend to support the defendant, guilty is all they
ever want to say.
Then the court recess was over.

This is not a dream In Ivins.

Yesterday,  a Judge Ryan Harris of the Utah Appeals Court,  ruled that nothing
illegal was done by the AL* court or District Court or the ALJ* or District Judge.

I am guilty.

Reminds me of a play I directed in  the early 1970s.

part of a song from the play went like this:

“Guilty, Guilty,  that’s all we ever say

Guilty, Guilty,  that’s how we get our pay

All it takes is a cap and a gown”
(Remember that it was legal in Germany to report and turn in Jews and legal for the government to imprison and kill Jews.)

*ALJ means Administrative Law Judge.
*.Types of RVs include motorhomes, campervans, caravans (also known as travel trailers and camper trailers), fifth-wheel trailers, popup campers and truck campers.
Typical amenities of an RV include a kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more sleeping facilities. RVs can range from the utilitarian — containing only sleeping quarters and basic cooking facilities — to the luxurious, with features like air conditioning (AC), water heaters, televisions and satellite receptors, and quartz countertops, for example.

RVs can either be trailers (which are towed behind motor vehicles) or self-motorized. Most RVs are single-deck; however, double-deck RVs also exist. To allow a more compact size while in transit, larger RVs often have expandable sides or canopies.

Quick Tips, Guides & DMV BasicsWhat Qualifies as an RV or Motorhome?
What Qualifies as an RV or Motorhome?
By: Kathy Teel July 21, 2012
The term “motor home” is often used interchangeably with “RV.” “Motor home,” however, is an informal phrase, used to describe a variety of recreational vehicles, while “recreational vehicle” (or RV) is a technical and legal term. Understanding which kind of RV or motorhome you have will help you with RV registration.

In asking which vehicles qualify as RVs or motor homes during the registration process, it’s easiest to remember that the U.S. Department of Transportation categorizes RVs by class.

Class A Recreational Vehicles

Class A recreational vehicles are motor homes, regardless of the type of chassis beneath them and whether or not the vehicle contains “slide-outs” (additional living spaces that slide out when the vehicle is stopped for camping). Class A also includes commercial passenger and school buses that are converted into RVs (these are often the largest mobile homes available).

Class A RVs are generally luxurious mobile homes with a solid body, a panoramic front window, berths that convert from living room or dinette areas, and bathroom facilities.

Class B Recreational Vehicles

Class B recreational vehicles are campervans. Campervans are conventional vans with raised roofs (either “pop up” or “fixed”). They often have small kitchens with refrigerators and gas grills.

Larger models may have a water heater, heat and air conditioning, a portable toilet, or an internal shower. (Smaller models usually have a portable toilet and an external shower, which can be used with an awning to ensure privacy.)

Class C Recreational Vehicles

Unlike a Class A mobile home, which is built on a single chassis, a Class C vehicle is attached to a truck and hauled behind. Class C RVs are characterized by a distinctive alcove which fits over the truck cab, providing either a double berth for sleeping or, sometimes, an “entertainment” section, with a TV and video games.

Other Recreational Vehicle Types

In addition to the three classes of RVs, there are also other types of recreational vehicles or motorhomes:

Truck Campers: Similar to the C-class vehicles described above, these are smaller RVs, carried in the beds of pickup truck.
Pop-up Campers: Collapsible campers with pull-out berths and tent walls, towed in a compact unit behind a vehicle.
Travel Trailers (sometimes called “caravans”): Non-collapsible, light-weight trailers with simple amenities, towed behind a vehicle.

None of the trailers on my acreage had “… amenities of an RV include a kitchen, a bathroom, and one or more sleeping facilities. ”

Voice Age

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Today I got a notice from a casting agency:

“2.) We are looking for  male voice over actors -  Language: English (US). Voice age : 18-24(2 positions) and 30-45(3 positions) “

Voice age?

What in the world does that mean?

When I was about 14 my voice changed from a fine boy soprano to a deep bass.

At 16, I started work at a radio station.

Now at 68 my voice sounds just the same as it did at 16 unless I try to sound like a toothless old timer.

Now can any one expect a voice to sound a certain age?

This is a totally dumb request, so I won’t be applying.

My looks have changed but not my voice.

Me at 16 Mr. Fawson and me

Me now at 68Picture 168

Me recording voice workArt a recording studio singing backup vocals for a folk singer.

Hear voice samples at:

scroll down to the Sound Cloud section Latest Tracks.


You Can’t Do That

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You can’t do that but it’s okay for others to do that.

In Ivins, Utah certain people are prevented by ordinance and threat of fines of $25 per day from using their property as they see fit, while others can do anything they like, especially if they are developers.

On June 20th 2018 town attorney and planning commission  member Bryan Pack stood in a hearing of the Administrative court and said that box-shipping box storage units were not allowed in Ivins,  ie. on my farm.

And the Judge, Darin Barney said that anything after a May 2008 ordinance was not allowed.

Just the other day I  was driving past the Red Mountain Spa and this is what I saw over the fence:2 28 2018 box storage units 003A shipping box with it’s top protruding over the fence.

On June  20, 2018, Dale Colum the city manager said of storage trailers at my farm that “someone could take the stuff out and put a bed in them and then they would be livable”.

So what about the  shipping storage box at Red Mountain Spa?

Farmer David Hafen is “grandfathered in” and doesn’t have to abide by the 2008 ordinance.

This was told to me by former zoning department head Kevin Rudd.

The storage trailers at my farm were screened with vegetation and fencing but this is what I saw this week at the Hafen farm through a wire fence:2 28 2018 box storage units 0012 28 2018 box storage units 002

A blue and a yellow shipping box beside each other, not screened at all.

How is it okay for this?  Both places have put these on their property since the 2008 ordinance.

“The stuff could be taken out and beds put in and then people can live in them.”

So it’s okay for them but not for me?

And trailers according to the 2008 ordinance can not be parked on property unless there is a primary residence on said property.

There is screening and fences at my farm.

What about these:Julyy 2 18  other trailers tunnel 005Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 010And I have other photos through out Ivins of similar illegally  parked on vacant lots.


And why has this road been moved just by my farm with no public notice, or notice to me?Aug 22 2018  farm road 009

It all boils down to what former councilman Steve Roberts said:

“A property owner has a right to do what he wants with his property.” 

But not the long time resident who must do what the city says he can or can’t do with his property?

Property rights only exist for the few, the developer, the business, the big farmer.

Everyone else has no rights.


Save the trees

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When I was one or two, my father bought 11 acres west of Ivins, Utah.

Today I own the west part of what is left of that acreage.

My father farmed the ground and so do I.

Along the road on the west side is a row of trees.

June 29 18 fences 007Farm trees and Road cracks Oct 2017 018Farm trees and Road cracks Oct 2017 020September 2018  farm road St G Live 002

They provide beauty, a wind break, and a bird sanctuary.

One old tree was always the roosting place for eagles, hawks,  crows and even vultures.

I’ve seen a bald eagle and an American eagle in the same tree at the same time. They are spooked easily so I only was able to get a photo of  the bald eagle flying away.

The town of Ivins  annexed the  land west of it in the 1980s including my farm.

The road became 600 west.

It has been a dirt road, graveled in places, since it was opened. 

It is a natural drainage  and muddy in wet weather.

Now the city has decided to give 600 west to a developer and move his new road with it’s 

new name to the east,  giving the developer the west side of the old road.

This would cut out all the trees on the west of my farm, even peach trees.

road ends 1Sept 8 2018  farm road 001Aug 31 2018  farm road 020road ends


There is no need to move the road.

And why the design to remove trees?

Why have trees?

“Trees produces oxygen that is life line of all living beings. In the hot summer we usually plan trips in the hilly areas. But if the rate of cutting Trees remains the same then we don’t have enough Trees to plan a trip, seasonal raining and amount of fresh oxygen will no longer be available. Trees helps to clean the air, soil and water,  making the earth a beautiful livable place. Living close to trees makes us healthier and happier. Its time to SAVE Trees, protect forests and spread awareness. If you want to save trees, you can help by protecting those that grow around your home, and planting more Trees. Reduce the use of  paper products, too. According to our little understanding we have found few ways to protect Trees, you can also follow them ,motivate your friends and family members to join hands together to save our beautiful earth or you can join an organization working to save Tress around your home town.” -

Other organizations that seek to preserve trees are:


We must save trees for the benefit of mankind.

So, who is for saving my trees? 

Out on the range

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I was out on the range and saw some sights one normally doesn’t  see

in Cattle and horse country.

The goats grazing  is not common  but believable.

But the wild trees being corralled is something I’ve not see before.

I wonder if it’s because someone  doesn’t think they belong  amongst the sagebrush so

someone fenced them in so that they wouldn’t get out of hand and spread.

goats burned house etc 004goats burned house etc 005flowers and fall leaves 012

flowers and fall leaves 011

A Roof Tile Broke

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A Roof Tile Broke

When a roof tile breaks, is it important to repair it quickly?

Can one wait?

What happens when a home owner waits to long.

The owner’s wife noticed a low area in the tile. The owner was shocked that his in-laws who built the house used “cheap” wafer board (a structural material made from rectangular wood flakes of controlled length and thickness bonded together with waterproof phenolic resin under extreme heat and pressure. The layers of flakes are not oriented, which makes it easier to manufacture.)

Sept 18 2018   roof 001

This Area that was rotted from one broken tile was over the metal soffit so did no damage to the inside of the house.

Sept 18 2018   roof 004This area came from one broken tile. When being built, the felt was only overlapped 2 inches, so when the heat strunk the felt it left gaps that now had water running under the felt for 8 feet down the roof.

Sept 20 2018   roof 003

The water warped the board down all eight feet but fortunately no rot occurred.

Sept 18 2018   roof 003

But that one broken tile let birds in to make a nest by the edge of the roof and two rake tile just fell off, one into a garbage dumpster and one just to the side of the dumpster.  The one inside the dumpster didn’t break but cracked while re-installing. So the birds broke two tile, hanger slates and felt had to be replaced over the whole area because of just one broken tile.

The tile protect the felt but after 30 years, the felt on this roof was really failing under the broken tile.

So a broken tile is a big deal.

Get them replaced as soon as you see the break.   Even arrange to inspect the roof on occasion.

Go out right now and look at your tile roof.


Flooding by Design

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Is there Flooding by Design in Ivins City?

Let’s look at some roads and developments.

Flooding and erosion by design in Ivins at:

100 N and 600 W 
600 W and Center
600 W about 300 South

These photos were taken on September 14 and 15 2018.

Sept 15 2018   road 004


Sept 15 2018   road 003

Sept 15 2018   road 005Sept 15 2018   road 006

A grading expert from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has commented on the grading of the areas in these photos.

“A few points:
Number one there is no silt fence or any other type of erosion protection
if the city doesn’t want to use a silt fence structure, then they should be using sod or some type of other stuff to keep things from being eroded due to rain.
This approach works the best; the results of the water erosion then take it to wind erosion.    The ground cover  doesn’t even have to live;  it’s the fact that it creates a barrier that hold the dirt in.

They definitely have the grading angles wrong between the fence and the path.
It is too steep with nothing there to protect any runoff.

The primary issue in addressing this is that if the City cares so little about erosion and their streets and that means our streets aren’t safe and obviously the contractors don’t care so how can you trust the quality of their buildings.
The question to the public is not only that, but also if they care so little about their streets and the way these places are built and protected, then how do they care about you and is this really a safe City to be in.
Do you want to buy a place with this type of erosion and flooding because you’re going to have to have flood insurance otherwise when it does flood and you lose your home you’re going to be in trouble.”

A different standard

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August 8, 2018

Must the law be equally applied to all?

Or is there a double standard?

In Ivins there is.

I’m being held to a different standard by the town government of Ivins.

This photo was sent to me in a violation notice:

Aug 10 2018  farm photo 002

 The Developer next to me doesn’t like these “high profile” items showing over my  6 foot fence.

 He complained and the town administration seems to favor anything a developer  says.
 On two occasions, Dale Coulam (town manager) has mentioned that on my farm  nothing can be
“high profile” meaning seen over the top of a six foot fence. Vehicles and storage  sheds.
Once Kevin Lameka(Zoning department)  said those things that are “higher elevation”.
Once Brettt Kee (the developer)  talked of “high profile” items on my farm.
The ordinance says nothing about this.
A six foot or five foot fence is allowed, nothing about things showing over those fences.
This is a singling out and harassment of me over something that exists throughout Ivins.
The law is not being applied properly.

I’m being held to a different standard.

Following are photos of other such high profile items in Ivins at various locations, all visible over the tops of fences.    Is there any difference from the photo of my property and the others?

The law must be equally applied to all individuals for government to function properly.

However many in the town government, zoning department etc. seem to believe that the law only applies to certain parties depending on their wealth and those not paying for favors.

Do you think it’s okay to apply the law anyway the town wants to?

If you think this is not right, what will you do about it?

Will you allow it to continue? 

Contact your councilmen and complain. @ 

And here a  picture of a trailer on the property of the developer who made the complaint about high profile trailers etc of my property, (meaning  visible  over fences. and others through out Ivins.

Oct 13  2018  high profile Kee property 002

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 007

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 004

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 011

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 012

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 005

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 001

Julyy 2 18  other trailers tunnel 001

Aug 8th 2018  high profile vehicles or structures 006

Aug 6 2018 after high profile

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