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Changes in My Space and Wayn

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Recently there were Changes in My Space and Wayn.

They decided what contacts could be kept on a personal profile and what content could be included.

Wayn now tells me where they want me to travel not where I want to go and the stories and photos from  Anna, Joe, etc.

aren’t there anymore.

Since neither are my personal profiles any longer,  I am unsubscribing to both.

Also deleting links to their sites.

Jay Beacham

Planning on moving to Ivins? Don’t Expect Privacy.

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Ivins, Utah
June 20, 2018

Planning on moving to Ivins?
Like your privacy and
want back yard privacy by building a wall or fence or
by having a screen of vegetation”
Better reconsider, you are out of luck in Ivins
This past Wednesday, June 20th, the Administrative Judge used as part of his evidence
of ordinance violation, in a case before him, county assessor aerial

So long to privacy.      Are you and your children safe in your back yard?


And the Ivins Administrative Court ruled these 2 half demolished trailers
habitable or” occupiable RVs” and in violation of town parking ordinance.
“habitable defined:
adj. referring to a residence that is safe and can be occupied in reasonable comfort. Although standards vary by region, the premises should be closed in against the weather, provide running water, access to decent toilets and bathing facilities, heating, and electricity. Particularly in multi-dwelling buildings freedom from noxious smells, noise and garbage are included in the standard.”

June 22 18 trailers 002
June 22 18 trailers 003

When the rest of the trailer tops are gone, will he still rule the chassis “habitable RVs”?

These and other vehicles in partial dismantling are screened from public view on a 3.63 area farm along a fence line at the back of the acreage only seen through a hole near the gate.

 July 11: They have been since moved but still the town says “RVs are still there.”

What is in your back yard or on your farm that the zoning department will find objectionable?

They  now use aerial photos with no warrant.

So long to your 4th Amendment rights.

They can change your zone designation at will, so that what you have been doing for years is now illegal.

This all reminds me of the phrase:

“All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.”

How to fight evil?

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How to fight evil?

What do when someone wants to do evil to you.
Say no. Tell some one. Make lots of noise. Get everyone around you to join in your cause by awakening them to the situation.

Example a  Brit film about a  girl and a perverted old man.
The  girl was invited along to a film by her aunt’s gentleman friend.
He sat between them and during the film put his hand on the girls leg.   She pushed him away.
He put it back and began to rub her leg.   She got up and went to the rest room.

When she returned she sat on the far side of her aunt away from the man.

But she never told her aunt what happened nor did she say anything about it.

What should she have done?
Push him away.   Then say “No” out loud.

Then  stood and slapped the man and then told everyone what was happening.

Evil doesn’t want to be revealed.   That would have stopped it then and for future times.

Rosemary and the thieves in her house.
One night this woman was awakened by people in her laundry room adjacent her bedroom.
She told them to leave and then called the police.
The police told her to go to the street and wait for them as it would take them about twenty minutes to arrive.
She complied.   Before they arrived, the people in her house had gone into the rest of her house and stole items,
even clothes from her closet.
What should she have don’t?
This is what I would have done: turned the radio and television on full blast and gone out to my pickup
and blasted the horn till the whole neighbor was awake and calling the police.
Evil wants to remain hidden and in the dark.
Expose it to the light and it will run.

A Worthy Cause

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A Worthy Cause

Steven Beacham,  my oldest son,  is an Air Force Veteran and due to circumstances lives in his pickup.

may 17 2018   Air Force 0021 22 to 1 26 trip Ok Steve 0151 22 to 1 26 trip Ok Steve 012

Steve wants to buy a house large enough for himself and other veterans who need a place to live.
Houses in Oklahoma City are very reasonable.

Steve served time in prison for a crime he didn’t do.   His felony prevents him from living in a normal neighborhood and the police department decides where Steve can live.

He’s employed but doesn’t earn enough to get a loan for a house,  so he is  requesting  help
to  fund  his purchase of a fixer upper house.

It will give him housing and he intends on helping
other veterans by renting rooms to them at an affordable price.
Consider donating even a small amount like $5 or less or more.
This is a very worthy cause. I donated. Won’t you?
Jay Beacham

Worth Rementioning

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Worth re-mentioning.

I  wrote a poetry book and what it has to say about spring illnesses is worth talking about again.

The following is from my book introduction (I’ve high lighted the part to read.):

“I didn’t write verse before I married. My wife & I would make rhymes & then it continued.
I started writing lyric poems(songs) several years ago after I had taken a correspondence course for writing and not wanting to paper my walls with rejection slips like my writing instructor, wrote “The Writer”. This continued and many more were written and published, I sold small collections of ten poems for $3, and entered the Washington County Fair (Utah) Poetry contest for several years and even won the best of show once and the director’s choice award besides the entry premiums. So unlike the poet in Kismet(the 1955 film starring Howard Keel as the poet.), I have been paid though not gotten rich from it, but it’s been fun.
Some about the author:
65 year old handyman, farmer, actor, singer, interested in good things, describes how houses are oft times built wrong which causes problems to be repaired later.
I am an actor specializing in one man shows as Abe Lincoln, Brigham young and others. Also do acting in plays and operas, in film and have on TV too.
Did acting for fun in college.
Former radio announcer, LDS missionary to Austria 69-71, father of four, grandfather of 12 & counting, in the construction maintenance field, but do voice over work, sing solo and in groups and do storytelling, love to garden and also to earn money but don’t always do as well as I would like in either area, do internet marketing of affiliate sales and my own products and services. And my interests cover so many things that there isn’t room here to tell of them all.
I’ve written about ordinary endeavors, occupations, events; about grips, politics, and natural and man made events.
One of my poems is based on: “A new national election is upon us and as a friend pointed out today, it seems that its been made into a sporting event.
I told him of an experience I had in Austria in 1970. While living in Vienna as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, I met many people from the eastern European countries that were at that time behind the Iron Curtain. One man was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (from 1948–1989 this was the name of the country). He had escaped just before the Russians took over. He’d left his wife and son behind, as she insisted on skiing on the Sunday that the tanks rolled in and didn’t think he was right when he left on Saturday for Vienna. He said that the big reason that the country was over run was that the people were more concerned about sports than their freedom. The poem is about the idol God called Sport.
One poem is about man-made killing chemicals.
Why I wrote it.
Blowin’ in the Wind.
Many people get ill in the Spring, I even had a chest infection(bronchitis) last week.
Well I believe the answer is blowing in the Spring breezes. 
The grass and quick growing spring vegetation starts growing and the towns, cities, counties and home owners, not wanting to work and abhorring green, start spraying poisons of all kinds all over, day after day. These chemicals are not only poisonous to plants but to man and animal alike. And with the winds are blown every where when applied and when out gassing in the sun.
The people breath this stuff in and then become ill and the illness is just blamed on “it’s  going around”, “I’m old”, “I’m run down”, etc.
The sprayers are waging a chemical war on the world and the weaker people get ill, and the yet weaker ones die and the weeds live on and on.
“After New York unleashed Operation Ragweed–spraying 200 to 300 gallons of the toxic brew on each acre treated–other communities joined the fray. “that killing ragweed with herbicides would produce new vegetation, cleaner air, and healthier people,” that’s not what happened. After soaking its landscape with over eight million gallons of 2,4-D, New York City threw in the towel. …herbicides worked their way up the food chain, compromising air and water quality, and public health.”

A computer language edition on a book about the subject in    at called Lost. If you can read it.


How & where to build a house

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Here in the southwest corner of Utah new houses are mostly being built by developers in house farms.

The ground is torn apart and lowered by many huge machines and dug into and compacted and roads and walls, and sewer and water lines and catchment pond areas for water run off.

What a mess.

There is a better way to build.

Take the Kayenta development for instance.

When a house is planned, markers are made in the landscape just a bit bigger than the house it’s self will be.

farm photos before & kayebta bldg & council houses washing mach 003

farm photos before & kayebta bldg & council houses washing mach 004

That part is excavated and the house is build disturbing the area very little.

farm photos before & kayebta bldg & council houses washing mach 018

This is how a finished house looks:

farm photos before & kayebta bldg & council houses washing mach 024


Now isn’t that a nicer way to build?  Leaving the landscaping as God made it?

Working with nature and not against it.


Surprised-no photo

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I was surprised to see this on a search result yesterday:

Jay Beacham (No Photo)

Born : Unknown

Movie Credits

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes

Stuck in a life of indentured servitude, Marek dreams of becoming a wizard. When she meets a beautiful priestess, Teela, in need of help, Marek escapes her master and puts together a team of adventurers – including Thane the warrior and Dagen the half-elf thief – and embarks on an epic quest to free Teela’s sister from orcs and ogres. After raiding the orc camp, the group learns that Teela’s sister has been taken into the mountains by a giant ogre. Escaping hellhounds and dragons on their dangerous journey, the team find themselves hopelessly outmatched by the man-eating ogre, and must unite all their talents to free the prisoners and escape with their own lives.
Released : 8th-Dec-2014

and on the next page:

Cast Members

  • Gojun Pye
    played by
    Kevin Sorbo

  • Marek
    played by
    Melanie Stone

  • Teela
    played by
    Nicola Posener
  • Thane
    played by
    Adam Johnson

  • Dagen
    played by
    Jake Stormoen

  • Hammerhead
    played by
    Christopher Robin Miller

  • Peregus Malister
  • played by
    Robert Jayne

  • Caeryn
    played by
    Natalie Devine Riskas
  • (No Photo)

  • Mekru Nom
    played by
    Kee Chan

  • Egan
    played by
    Sebastian Michael Barr

All had photos but myself and Natalie Devine Riskas.

Was it that hard to find a photo of me?

I googled my image and there were many available.

What about Natalie?  Lots of her too.

So who posts these things?

I could only get to this page on Firefox.

Surprised to see it posted and that no photos were there  of two of us.

Selective code enforcement in Ivins, Utah

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Is there Selective code enforcement in Ivins, Utah?

I’ve composed a few questions for the town administration and council.

“Some questions I have about zoning and code enforcement in Ivins, Utah

In 2017, a manure spreader on a trailer left my farm.
It is now decorating the front yard of someone north of my farm on Center street.
If machinery that is not being used for what it was manufactured for is an offense,
why is old machery decorating people’s front yard all through out Ivins (even in Kayenta)?

Isn’t that selective enforcement?

If I can’t park my trailer, motor home, etc. at my house, why can many others have them at their houses?
Many of which are not currently registered with the DMV?

Why must a 3.63 acre piece of farm property supposed to comply with residential requirements?

Why can K & A and D & W farms have so much equipment, running and not visible from public road ways and no one else can?  Isn’t if supposed to be screened?

Why do developers, who never intend to live in Ivins, have more rights than residents of many years?

Why is it that farm property owned by one family for over 65 years and doing business the same as now
since 1978, must now change use because a developer wants to build next door?

Why is it that the Zoning department can use areal drone taken photos in a complaint that were illegally obtained?
See SBO111

Why must a citizen remove dead weeds on and around his property when the town government doesn’t do like wise
on town owned sidewalks and right of ways?

Why does the town keep the road side landscaping up for developments but won’t along regular streets?

Why are farms encouraged in the Center of town and not on the west side of town which was planned to
be farming in the original master plan?

Why is it that Ron Blake farm corrals are “grandfathered use” but my farm just to the south isn’t?

Why can some have many unused cars in yard while others can’t?

Why is it that people on the council and their close relatives can have and do what others can’t?

If enforcement is so important, why are all violations town wide not addressed at the same time?

Remember that majority vote doesn’t make wrong right.”

Jay Beacham

What’s the Difference between a DJ and A Radio Announcer?

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I love to sing and have recorded songs on several online Karaoke sites for a number of years now.

I try to intro all my songs and sometimes even outtro them much like I did when I worked at a radio station.

Many people comment that I sound like a radio DJ.Art a recording studio singing backup vocals for a folk singer.

Bella said of my recording of  “Our Day Will Come”  :

“You know you have a wonderful “Radio” speaking voice! I could just imagine you being a DJ on a classic song station.
You sang this beautifully!” Well I was an announcer on an old time station in the late 1960s. I recorded it November 3, 2013.
I answered her on 12/27/2017  thusly:
A few years ago you said this when you commented on a recording of mine:
“You know you have a wonderful “Radio” speaking voice! I could just imagine you being a DJ on a classic song station.”

Well I was an announcer on an old time station in the late 1960s.
The songs from then and the older ones we played are classic now I suppose.
I’ve attempted to make my SingSnap studio just that, a classic song station.”

Once in Austria as a missionary, an lady asked my companion, Reiner Essyer, who’d been a DJ in SLC, the difference
between a “DJ” and a “Radio Speecher” (announcer).    I glossed over the question as he didn’t know that I had been an announcer.
The difference?

A DJ just announces and spins records much like Mary Collins in the movie “Something in The Wind”, a movie about
a DJ, played by Deanna Durbin.
An announcer, like I was, does everything at a station: plays records, is a partial engineer, speaks commercial ads,
writes copy, reports the news, Station Ids, etc. He does everything at a station. A radio DJ doesn’t. Nor does a dance DJ.
That’s the difference.


Tragic Loss of Life

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The Tragic Loss of Life in Texas last Sunday was heart saddening.

The media immediately started with those who want to prohibit all guns conveniently forgetting that criminals can always get guns if they so chose.

It was a tragic loss of life.

Why is so little said about the following loss of life?

I quote from Martin Fox:

“Most Americans have never heard of  LeRoy  Carhart,  an abortionist currently working out of Bellevue, Nebraska.

Yet he’s made a career of ending innocent unborn life for the past thirty years.

The fact is, he has eagerly served as the face of the abortion lobby in battles against pro-life legislation, contesting the 2003 Partial Birth Abortion Ban in the Supreme Court case Gonzales v. Carhart, which he thankfully lost.

To this day, Carhart complains about that case, lamenting that he can no longer legally kill babies after they have already been partially delivered.

But even so, Carhart continues to slaughter unborn babies day after day — even performing abortions at the ninth month of pregnancy.

At this late date, these babies are fully viable, fully formed, and fully capable of feeling pain.

Yet abortionists like Carhart have no problem ripping them from their mothers’ wombs.

After botching an abortion, Carhart left the mother in agony, bleeding heavily, and struggling for breath in the emergency room.

As for her child, at seventeen weeks that baby had arms, legs, fingers, toes, and a heartbeat. Its bones were hardening, and it could begin to move and kick.

But like so many others, that baby tragically died at the hands of LeRoy Carhart.

This brutality is the kind of thing you and I are up against.

And it’s why you and I must fight to end this slaughter of innocents once and for all.

For Life,

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance ”

In the poetry anthology  “Under Red Cliffs”  a poem is included titled “Every Business Day”.

It addresses this modern holocaust.   An even greater  loss of life than a mass shooting.

You can read it  by obtaining your digital copy ($9.98) at:

or an in print copy ($20) from:

Jay Beacham

85 East Center Street

Ivins, Utah 84738


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