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Honoring the Fallen

Posted by on 29 May 2017 | Tagged as: blog

Today I got up and went to the cemetery in my town to witness the Memorial Day program

“Honoring our Nation’s Heros”

The local American Legion Post 90 conducted it.  With help from a boy scout troop, they presented the colors.

Vice Commander Maynard Sorensen (Navy) was in charge;

the Post Chaplain Dennis Hancey (Army) offered the opening prayer;

Anna Dee Packer widow of a veteran read the list of those buried in the cemetery who had served in the military.

Among the list of deceased veterans of the armed forces of the United States of America were many who I had known, even two cousins.

The 3 men from Post 90, Maynard Sorensen. Dennis Hancey, Jim Flohr, and three Boy Scouts made up the Color Guard.

April flowers May general Memorial Day 099

The colors were presented, Hancey and Flohr fired the Springfield rifles in salute and Taps was played on the trumpet by Sorensen.

April flowers May general Memorial Day 106

April flowers May general Memorial Day 111

After that the Hymn  of the Coast Guard “Eternal Father Strong to Save” was sung by local tenor Robert Proffit.

April flowers May general Memorial Day 115



Then the Mayor of Ivins, Chris Hart delivered a stirring speech, even reading from the Constitution’s Bill of Rights as part of his remarks.

April flowers May general Memorial Day 121

A lot of people and flags.

Later in the day I stopped by the Santa Clara town Cemetary to see their new Military Memorial as well as the rest of the cemetery.     The pioneer part was decorated with a few flags and hundreds of yellow Desert Marigold (Baileya multiradiata).

The sign on the monument for the departed military veterans said “All Gave Some”  ”Some Gave All”.

Memorial Day to June 3 2017 001

War seems such a waste.  So many die.

Just how many in the United States alone is told about in this article by Mike Huckabee.

“People these days are awfully spoiled. We think we’re making a big sacrifice if our hotel room doesn’t have free wi-fi.   But Memorial Day is about honoring the men and women of the US military who truly made the greatest of all sacrifices to secure our liberty.
Memorial Day was born after the Civil War, when families would take a day to tend and decorate the graves of Confederate soldiers. It soon spread to the North, and became known as Decoration Day. Eventually, it became a national holiday to honor all American military veterans who gave up their homes, their families, their very lives — everything they had, or ever dreamed of having – and sacrificed it all for their country. And just how many have made the ultimate sacrifice? You might be stunned at the answer.
From the Revolutionary War to the War of 1812, through the Civil War and Spanish American war, World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other wars, police actions and rescue missions since 1776, over one million, three hundred and eight thousand Americans in uniform have laid down their lives for their country. 
Imagine if all those soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen could come back to life for a parade in their honor. Picture them marching past in rows of ten, each row taking just 10 seconds to pass. That parade of fallen heroes would march on and on, row after row, hour after hour, 24 hours a day, for over 15 straight days!
That is the enormity of the sacrifice that’s been made to preserve our freedom and security. And it doesn’t even include the millions more who gave their limbs, their sight, and the best years of their lives, all for us. These heroes laid down their lives for such American ideals as freedom, liberty, equality, democracy, fighting tyranny and defending the helpless; bedrock principles that they passed down to us. It is now our sacred duty to preserve them for future generations.
Every Memorial Day, the VFW sells poppy pins. I hope you’ll buy one and wear it proudly. The poppy became the symbol of Memorial Day thanks to the famous poem, “In Flanders’ Fields,” by Canadian Lt. Col. John McCrae. He wrote it in memory of his friend Alexis Helmer, whom he watched die in battle in World War I. The poem goes:
“In Flanders’ fields, the poppies blow,
Between the crosses, row on row…”
Today, as we fly our flags, attend parades, visit veterans’ hospitals and tend the graves of our loved ones, let’s stop to think of all the rows and rows of crosses in veterans’ cemeteries. Let’s be humbled to reflect that each and every cross marks the resting place of a genuine American hero.
McCrae’s poem ends:
“To you, from failing hands, we throw the torch.
Be yours, to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep,
Though poppies grow in Flanders’ fields.”
If you really want to memorialize these greatest of American heroes, then take up the torch they passed to us. Hold it high. And never let it drop!
Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and free Memorial Day.” 

Why is it that so many feel they must defame great people?

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Today Yahoo News has this advertised:
10 Troubling Stories From The Life Of Lincoln

So I go to the link then to the read more link to get the article.

10 He was afraid to carry a knife: he struggled with crippling depression.
So what?
An illness is troubling?
What is wrong with this writer.

9. He jumped out of a window: in Congress to block a vote on an important issue.
So what?

I wish more Congressmen would do more to prevent bad votes, or to support  good ones for that matter.

8 He stopped his first political speech to fight someone.
So what?
Wrestling was a big thing in the day.

7 He started a riot.

Not really, just a street fight with some fighting for him and some against him.
So what?
Physical fighting was a big deal to settle issues then.
And young men often fight to prove things.

6 He watched his first love die.

So what is so wrong about someone who must witness the passing of a loved one?

5 He was considered hideous.
Do we all need to be beautiful as the world considers beauty?
At least he could joke about it.

4 There were rumors…
That’s where I stopped reading.
Rumors are started by waging tongues to destroy and truth is generally far from them.

3 He almost cheated on Mary Todd (his wife) with…
More rumors meant to defame and far from truth.

2 He nearly fought a duel..
So what?
That was a thing in the day and because of his quick wit in the stilled
use of the broadsword, the duel was averted to his credit.

1 He nearly left Mary Todd at the altar
So it’s a crime to have doubts before you wed?


Why is it that so many feel they must defame great people?
Do they feel it makes them better?
Everyone has flaws or parts of their lives that others think of as flaws.
Let the writer’s life be looked at with the same critical eye, and let’s see how his
insignificant life stands up.


What did Abraham Lincoln’s voice sound like?

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What did Abraham Lincoln’s voice sound like?

An article in the Smithsonian by Megan Ganbino startsout,

“I suspect that when people imagine Abraham Lincoln and the way he sounded, many imagine him as a bass, or at least a deep baritone. Perhaps this is because of his large stature and the resounding nature of his words. Certainly, the tradition of oratory in the 1850s would support the assumption. “Usually people with centurion, basso profundo voices dominated American politics,” says Harold Holzer, a leading Lincoln scholar. Then, of course, there are the casting choices of film and TV directors over the years. “It can’t get any deeper than Gregory Peck,” says Holzer. Peck played Lincoln in the 1980s TV miniseries The Blue and the Gray.”

Read more at:

My response:

Walter Houston & Henry Fonda (there have been many other Lincoln portrayers)  sounded good as A. Lincoln.

Also when he spoke in public, he spoke to be heard which was most likely higher than his normal voice.

But what does it matter how he sounded?

No one worries about how Julius Caesar sounded or Shakespeare or Dickens.



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I just spent one and a half hours reading through and deleting all but two of 2,259 comments posted to my website pending file.   I sent them all to the spam folder and then emptied it.

Some were blatant ads, some straight forward links, some made no sense, some were in German, some in Russian, some in squares, whatever language that is supposed to be, but most were generic statements applied with no thought  to indiscriminate  pages at random by some computer software.

The one that I approved was from a hosting company but was applicable to the page it was on.

It told of Abraham Lincoln and was on The Lincoln’s Ghost Returns 2010 page.

The other got lost somewhere but i wrote it’s point down where I could keep it.

My point: if you want a back link from me, read the post or page and make your own real comment.


Free Content

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Free Content

I think this is overrated.  In fact a ridiculous idea.

Let me explain.

A number of years ago I was selling an air pellet pistol using Craigslist or KSL Classifieds.

A young man from Salt Lake City called and we arranged the sale.

He said he sent a check.  I didn’t wait for it as I had enough money for postage, so I sent the gun.

I called him a couple of days later and he had received the gun and was delighted with it.

He asked if I had received the check.  ”No”, was my reply.

“Well it should get there in a day or two”,  he said.

It never came.  I called back and the guy had moved and changed his phone number too.

I was out of the gun and the postage.

He had gotten free content.

Yesterday I came out of the bank and a man had a pickup full of fresh oranges.

The money I had was to fix a truck tire.

“I’ve got no money”, I said.

He was cutting an orange and gave me part of it as a sample.

“Maybe next time you’ll remember me,” he said.

That was a sample to let me know how good the product was not a whole orange and certainly not a whole bag.

Today I was awakened by the dog barking to announce a lady in the yard.

She had come to pay me for some dried cut bamboo that she had got from me a week ago.

She had also got some earlier.

She paid me $10 more than our agreed price with, “The extra is for trusting me.”

I gave no sample to her for her to buy my farm produce.

No free content nor had the street vendor given more than a sample of free content.

So why must I give free content online?

Explain that.

What business sense does it make to only give things away?

This has been my experience.


An update 3/11/2017

I wrote a comment about it on a forum.

I said:

“I don’t like the free content idea.
I may give samples but if I give everything away for free then,

I don’t sell any donuts, can’t pay the bills, have to close my store.

The internet should be no different.”

One man replied:

“Here’s a free copy of a small e-book I wrote:

Wiz’s Ten Steps to Staying Focused On Your Objectives

I could privately send you a link to where you can buy it on my website

or Amazon but I bet you I get more mileage from giving it away for free then

I would from promoting its sale here.

I sell enough of them to have made it a project worth doing in and of itself,

but I have earned many times more from giving it away for free. Go figure.”

My reply:

“That’s great for you but I never got paid for giving my stuff away for free.”


Then I thought about Amazon, perhaps the biggest online marketer in the world.

Does Amazon give away “free content”?

I signed in and found this:

Want Amazon to donate to your favorite charity (at no cost to you)?
No cost? Don’t I still have to pay for products and shipping?
I typed in “free” and got some e-books and books and the like that looked like trash novels, or junk, or  porn to me that were free online but cost for paperback.
Then I typed in “free stuff”.
I got some jewelry that was 1 cent to 98 0r 99 cents and higher.
but not free.
What about free content?
Well if I want to read some of a book I can look inside for free.
I tried a free e-book “Best Jokes 2014″ Inside were 2 photos ads for some book with naked people displayed and nothing about jokes.
So much for free.
They do have:

Order with Free Shipping by Amazon

All orders of $35 or more of eligible items across any product category qualify for FREE Shipping.

Or free prime:

About Amazon Prime

Receive all the benefits of Amazon Prime including FREE Two-Day Shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video, and the ability to borrow books from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for $99 a year or $10.99 a month. We also offer a Prime Video membership for $8.99 a month that only includes Prime Video as a benefit.

So this free actually does cost.

I typed in “free content” and got this page:


Some things on this page weren’t free.
Free?  Is anything really free?
Remember the old adage “You get what you pay for” ?
Meaning if you want something of value you must pay for it.
I’m not talking about “gifts” nor “loss sales leaders” (A loss leader (also leader) is a pricing strategy where a product is sold at a price below its market cost to stimulate other sales of more profitable goods or services. With this sales promotion/marketing strategy, a “leader” is used as a related term and can mean any popular article, i.e., one sold at a normal price.-Wikipedia)
Free content.  Why pay for anything if it can be had free?

While I Lived in Austria

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While I lived in Austria Dec. 1969 to Oct 1971 I experienced some interesting things.

 I wrote some of my blog entries about my  experiences there as an LDS missionary: Voice as an Instrument » Kennst du den Wolfgangsee?

And I saw three plays while in Vienna because a member was an usher at one of the theaters; he got us tickets at three different places.

In the description of this song, the Impossible Dream”,  tells about my mission some.

I also saw the Operetta “the Land Of Smiles” in German

And a Russian opera which was trash.

Also while in  Leoben, I saw the movie “Paint Your Wagon”.   A member had asked us to watch it and tell

him about the Mormon in the show and if that could have been true or not.

No it couldn’t have been.  Just Hollywood.

What an interesting time to be in Vienna, Austria.

The Salt Talks were happening in Vienna while I was there.

We often walked past the American Embassy.

It was a great feeling to see the 2 Marines  at the door.

The Vietnam war was going then.

We didn’t know much of what was going on in the USA but we did about Europe.

Here’s another song description that tells some about my time in Austria.

A different time a different me.

What a great experience for a young man to have.

“Under Red Cliffs” a poetry Anthology

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Under Red Cliffs poetry anthology is a collections poems written by Jay Beacham Of Ivins, Utah…
Start reading on your kindle in a minute. I was finally able to correct those errors I talk about in the video.
Here’s where the book is for the kindle edition.
“I was just able to correct the spelling errors on the Kindle edition.
when it goes live in a couple of days folks can get it on Kindle readers for $9.99 a copy.
A former sister in law of mine bought a kindle edition with the mistakes but she said she didn’t care about the mistakes.
Before it was so difficult to make corrections but today it was very easy to do. Their system must have been improved since I first published it last year.

Also the e-book is available at:

And as of January 2017 an audio version of the book is available for $20 per cd.

Get your audio cd or soft back book at

“No Room for a Cow” @ is one of the lyric poems in song form.

Good News, the bank gave me a modification to the loan so the pressure is off but I still have books to sell. Get yours today!

So I’m selling my poetry book for $20 a copy plus $5 shipping
Order your copy by email or use
or send a check or money order to:

Jay Beacham
85 East Center
Ivins, Utah 84738

If people want to see the cover and read some,
they can go to:
Under Red Cliffs a poetry book by Jay Beacham–Ak

“Some good poems in there.”-Maynard So.
“I really enjoyed the book.”-Marilyn Sm.

Order yours today!

Español Idioma Scripts gratis

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Scripts gratis

Habla cualquier idioma inmediatamente!
¡Sea fluido rápido y permanentemente!
¿Quiero dinero? ¡Programa de afiliados gratis!

– 中文 (Chinese) – हिंदी (hindi) (印地语)
– Inglés (英语) – español – français
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– Bahasa (Indonesio) – 日本語 (Japonés)
– 한국어 (韓國 語) (Coreano)
– Русский (Ruso) – Kiswahili
– Tagalog (Filipino) – ภาษา ไทย (泰国) (Tailandés)
– tiếng việt (㗂 越) (vietnamita)

“Estos scripts le dan 3 cosas: Mantiene su fluidez si usted ya es fluido. Le hace fluido muy rápido si usted no es ya fluido. ¡Mejora tu acento y te da una mejora constante incluso después de que seas fluido! “

-Ben Arnold (AnaEzine)

Scripts gratis!
¡¡¡Aquí están!!!


¡¡¡Leé esto primero!!!



¡Haga sólo 3 minutos por día!

Leer un capítulo todos los días (o sólo unos días a la semana) le mantendrá fluido! Un capítulo tiene sólo 3 minutos de duración. Pero recuerde: Hable con su boca (abra la boca)! ¡Usa tu lengua!


# 1). Olvídate de la pronunciación!

# 2). ¡No trate de entender!

Esto está científicamente probado para trabajar! No estás tratando de aprender el idioma, no estás intentando interpretar el lenguaje. La razón por la que usas mi programa es porque quieres “hablar” el idioma. No se preocupe, una comprensión perfecta y la capacidad de traducir viene cuando usted hace fluido. Concéntrese en llegar a ser fluido: hablar, y nada más.

¡Recuerde esas 2 reglas! Ignora la pronunciación. No trate de entender lo que está leyendo. Simplemente lea en voz alta. Trate de leer a un ritmo normal.Omita cualquier palabra que no pueda pronunciar (recuerde: Omita cualquier palabra que no pueda pronunciar). ¡No disminuya la velocidad! Un paso constante es vital. Esto es lo que te hace fluente. Comprensión, pronunciación, años en la escuela son todos vitales, pero sólo una pequeña parte. Hablar siempre viene primero en el aprendizaje de un niño de su propio idioma.¡Aprenda de la naturaleza! Hacer esto y llegar a ser fluido!

Scripts gratis!
¡¡¡Aquí están!!!

¿Quiero dinero?

Gracias por comprar estos scripts. ¡O, si usted consiguió esto para libre de alguien, agradezca profusely!

¡Tienes mi permiso para vender mis guiones! ¡Dé a sus amigos una membresía de por vida! Ellos recibirán mis guiones entregados mensualmente a ellos por correo electrónico cada mes para el resto de sus vidas! Ellos deben pagar $ 200 y mantener la mitad de eso para usted como nuestro agradecimiento a usted. Todo el mundo en el planeta es bienvenido a hacer esto! Usted puede vender tantos miembros como desee; Incluso millones. Simplemente envíenos la mitad restante (sí, usted mantiene el 50% de mis ganancias para usted!) Del dinero y también su dirección de correo electrónico (yo soy el único que verá su dirección de correo electrónico y yo sólo la uso para enviar su Paquete para ellos, nada más) y le daremos a usted ya sus clientes toda la vida soporte de nosotros. Dile a todos tus amigos que tenemos dos opciones: # 1) Gratis! (Diariamente en nuestro sitio web). # 2) Membresía de por vida ($ 200). Los scripts gratuitos están en nuestro sitio web siempre (en incrementos diarios). La única diferencia es que la membresía de por vida le da un mes entero de guiones entregados a usted cada mes para el resto de su vida. Y obtendrá el pleno apoyo de nosotros.Póngase en contacto con nosotros si tiene alguna pregunta.

¿Qué son los scripts?

Estos scripts le dan 3 cosas: Mantiene su fluidez si ya es fluido. Le hace fluido muy rápido si usted no es ya fluido. Le da una mejora constante incluso después de que usted es fluido!

Bonus: Estos scripts están diseñados para mejorar tu acento. ¡Sí! Un método secreto que aprendí y poner en práctica cuando la enseñanza de idiomas extranjeros en América del Sur y Asia, cuando era más joven que era muy eficaz y por lo que ahora estoy compartiendo este secreto con usted!¡También, utilicé ese método yo mismo dominar varios idiomas incluyendo mi propio idioma nativo!

Por qué y cómo funciona esto

El aspecto más difícil de aprender a hablar un nuevo idioma es superar su deseo de traducir cada palabra, cada oración, y pensar en la gramática, etc Estas acciones se ralentizará su discurso. ¡Mucho! Es imposible tener una conversación si usted está constantemente tratando de rebobinar y traducir cada palabra y oración. La gramática es para en el aula y para editar su escritura. Hablar debe ser natural. Su cerebro necesita reaccionar a la velocidad de la luz. Debe ser suave. Natural.

Para ayudarte a superar esta terrible tendencia he creado scripts especiales.Esta tendencia perjudicial es la razón # 1 porqué el 70% de la gente en este planeta no puede hablar una segunda lengua. Y el 30% que puede hablar un segundo idioma no puede hablar con fluidez; la mayoría de ellos. Debido a que no tienen oportunidades de practicar hablar y porque se ralentizan para tratar de traducir todo. Y otro asesino de la conversación es la gramática. Si usted está tratando de perfeccionar sus palabras y frases y pronunciación va a reducir la velocidad de su conversación dramáticamente. Su oyente se va a aburrir y se aleja.

Estos scripts contienen elementos que mejoran su capacidad de entender.Pero irónicamente eso no significa que vas a traducir nada. Le he hecho casi imposible traducir estos scripts. Porque quiero que te concentres en solo una cosa: Tasa de movimiento. ¿Qué tan rápido estás hablando? ¿Demasiado lento? ¿Demasiado rapido? ¿Y es suave?

He hecho todo lo posible para que sea casi imposible para usted traducir y entender lo que estas escrituras están diciendo. La historia ha sido invertida, volteada boca abajo y casi destruida. Si intentas traducir o entender lo que estás leyendo, te volverás loco y empezarás a sacarte el pelo de la cabeza. ¡Y no lo hagas! Ni siquiera intentarlo! Sólo se centran en leer en voz alta a un ritmo constante, el flujo, la velocidad. No demasiado rápido, no demasiado lento, sólo suave.

Y las frases han sido manipuladas. Han sido intencionalmente alterados. Para hacerlos reflejar la realidad. En el aula todo lo que lees es perfecto, demasiado perfecto, desinfectado, esterilizado. Eso no es realidad. Usted no estará listo para las duras realidades de la vida si todo lo que has aprendido fue en un aula.La gente no habla perfectamente. No escriben perfectamente. Eso es solo la realidad. Si sólo has escuchado oraciones perfectas en un aula, nunca entenderás lo que están hablando las personas reales en el mundo real. Las personas en la vida real no dicen, “el paraguas es de color púrpura” o “el coche es de color rojo”, etc No dicen, “hola señor amable, estoy muy encantado de conocerte, y ¿cómo puedo ayudar Usted, ¿todo va bien para usted en este día más hermoso que estamos teniendo? “Nadie habla así excepto en películas viejas y anticuadas.

La mayoría de los libros escolares fueron escritos 20 años antes de leerlos. Se publicaron 15 años antes de leerlos. Y es probable que no se gradúe de la escuela o obtener una carrera y comenzar a usar lo que aprendió hasta unos años más tarde. En otras palabras, todo lo que aprendes en la escuela está obsoleto. No se dan cuenta de que el idioma cambia un poco cada año. Cada 5 años un idioma cambia drásticamente. Cada año no menos de 10 modismos desaparecen. Y 10 palabras. Y 10 oraciones. Son alterados o reemplazados o simplemente caídos. Porque los tiempos cambian. Después de 5 años eso es 50 idiomas, 50 palabras, 50 oraciones. ¿Conoces las nuevas palabras? ¿Los nuevos modismos? ¿Las nuevas frases? No, no si aprendiste el lenguaje en un aula usando libros de texto universitarios. Y esos libros que tienen 20 años de edad son en realidad una revisión del libro anterior que también tenía 20 años de edad. Se hicieron algunas revisiones para tratar de actualizarla lo mejor posible. Y así, la base y la mayoría del contenido de ese libro son en realidad de 40 años de edad. No es de extrañar por qué las escuelas utilizan Shakespeare y la Biblia para enseñar inglés. Porque no tienen idea.

Mis guiones no son las lecciones de tu maestro. Este es el por qué:

Hay muchos errores, lo importante es que tantas frases están cortadas, o incompletas, que es exactamente cómo hablamos en la vida real. Observa que cada capítulo consta de 3 segmentos idénticos. Eso es para que tengas la oportunidad de repetir todo 3 veces. Esto mejora tu acento.

Yo sólo le daría un segmento y le pedirá que lo vuelva a leer dos veces más, pero he descubierto que la mayoría de la gente es demasiado perezoso, impaciente, cargado de hacer eso. Y por lo tanto, para su comodidad, buena sensación, comodidad, y la restricción del tiempo, he ido adelante y lo puso 3 veces por lo que no se dará cuenta.

La mayoría de estos errores, repeticiones y otras mejoras que usted no notará, pero su cerebro lo hará. Notarás a medida que pasen los días, que muchos de los capítulos forman historias que están conectadas con las historias de otros capítulos que leerás (intencionalmente colocadas al revés y al revés), el cerebro humano capaz de juntarlo todo en orden ; Esto fuerza a su cerebro a hacer un trabajo más sofisticado.

Estos scripts están intencionalmente fuera de servicio. Hay algunas palabras compuestas. Estos guiones intencionalmente no tienen ningún sentido para la mayor parte. Esto es para deshacerte del hábito de querer traducir y entender todo lo que lees. No puedes. Porque ninguno de estos scripts tiene sentido.

Las historias son completamente enrevesadas, las palabras sin sentido, y muchas oraciones son incompletas. Algunas oraciones se transfieren a la siguiente línea ya la siguiente. Todas estas variables que he colocado en estos scripts harán que tu cerebro se estire, trabaje duro, piense fuera de la caja, gire, busque, identifique, corrija, traduzca, interprete y tenga sentido.

Por lo general, la educación en el aula hace las cosas fáciles, perfectas, sin ninguna aceptación de fracaso o variación. La vida real no es perfecta, tampoco es el lenguaje, es perfecto en la clase.

Es por eso que la mayoría de la gente nunca llega a ser fluido y no puede entender lo que están escuchando en la radio, en las películas, en las calles, en el lugar de trabajo, en el mundo real. Cuando estén listos para aceptar la realidad, habrán logrado el primer paso para lograr una comunicación real.

Si quieres saber más, por favor, lee o descarga mi e-libro gratuito “¿Por qué esto funciona?” En mi sitio web “AnaEzine” y sí es gratis. Y usted puede darlo lejos a todos sus amigos para libre también. Puedes encontrarlo en cualquiera de las siguientes ubicaciones (o simplemente Google el nombre “AnaEzine” y encontrarás mi sitio y yo muy fácilmente):

Http: //www.Facebook/anaezine
Http: //www.Facebook/BenArnold4u


Todos estos errores, errores, repeticiones, etc se supone que su cerebro trabajar más duro, no obtener perezoso, y convertirse en experto en discernir las diferencias en la ubicación, el tiempo, el establecimiento, las personas, el carácter, el papel, etc Su cerebro va a aprender más De discernir errores de lo que proviene de listas de vocabulario, etc.

Instrucciones fáciles:

¡Sólo 3 minutos de lectura!

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A. Lincoln on current conditions

Posted by on 25 Jan 2017 | Tagged as: blog

A. Lincoln on current conditions

In 1838 Abraham Lincoln spoke about the current conditions in the United States
at that time, warning the nation of the dire postition the country was in at the time.

Those conditions that then existed eerily resemble the current condition in 2017.

It might be wise for us to review what he said.

Actor Jay Beacham appeared as Lincoln’s Ghost Returns in February 2010.
In his one man show he reviews the large of that 1838 speech.

Hear if by getting your own copy of the show on cd or dvd.

Go there to learn how to get your copy of the show.

How To Sell

Posted by on 19 Jan 2017 | Tagged as: blog

How To Sell

This morning I had a recorded phone message on my machine offering great income.

I just needed to call the toll free phone number. Okay. I called to see what they were selling.

This is what happened.

If I wanted wealth then stay on the line.

I did.

Then a man’s voice hyped the “get rich with this program”.

He had a Mike, a Jane, a James tell how happy they were for listening to the call.

One of these three said there was a website.

Then the man said stay on the line for the presenter David.

David came on and hyped about mindset and what the rich do versus what the poor do.

And he talked of three things I must do.

Mindset, think rich and?

I don’t what the third thing was as he never got to it.

I couldn’t spend any more time listening to him ramble on about the benefits of continuing to listen.

What was the website?

What was the program?

What was the cost?

What did I have to do?

I never found out.

He never said.

Now if you want to sell something, and I don’t see myself as any different than anyone else

in what I expect from a future seller,  get to the point!

I don’t want to waste untold hours listening to hype.

So marketers, if you want to sell something:

tell me what you have,

how much it costs,

what I have to do to use your product or service.

That’s all I want to know.

And I want to know it in the clearest and fastest way possible.

I value my time and won’t value your product if you don’t value my time.

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