I created this site(jaybeacham.com) so that you, the voice seeker, could see and hear what I have to offer in the way of voice over-narration work in German and English(and translating), acting and singing. I am affiliated with Voice123.com and Voices.com and ExploreTalent, where you can see a profile and hear some samples of my voice work.

Why a voice site?

When I was sixteen I went to work at a radio station as an announcer(KDXU St.George, Utah). I’d studied there with the owner and announcers for about two years before that. The Owner Mrs. Wink(Winkleman) liked my voice and she liked to get young men started in radio, though most went on to other pursuits later in life.

I attended one year of college, then spent two years as an LDS missionary in Austria after two months of an intensive German course at Brigham Young University. When I returned, having spent my time in Austria speaking German, I finished at my local Jr. College where I produced a weekly radio news show of the happenings at the college which aired on KDXU. Then I went on to Brigham Young University where part of my studies were in German. I did plays and musicals for fun. Then I spent several years doing all sorts of things and raising four children. In the early eighties, I did some studio voice over work and TV ads and adapted two books into radio dramatizations. I also taught German at night.

My interest always in radio and acting, I produced radio plays and did monologue and play acting. One such thing was the Trail of the Prophets where I and others would be stationed along a trail and portray prophets of old as if they were here speaking to people today.

I always thought I’d get back into radio when the kids were grown and I got older. So 10 years ago I started doing websites and acting, and recording and making videos(currently working on a German tele-course). Many people (like Hart Wixom, Outdoors writer for the Daily Spectrum newspaper, and teenager Alesha Jensen), like my voice, so I thought why not. Thus the site. The others pages are things I’ve done elsewhere before.

So if you need an excellent voice over, a narration or some acting done, listen to my  demos at Voice123( a link is provided under the blogroll on the home page “ Hear me do Voice Overs“.)

When you like what you you hear then contact me through them or directly at  beachamj82@yahoo.com or by phone at 435-628-7809.

For my photography, see the “images of the past ” page .(find link in blogroll)

For music items and video creations of mine see the products page.

I have a farm and have products to sell so I created a link to a page for those items. These can be found on Craigslist most of the time.

I have other products too, check those out.

Be sure to check out my other sites. The links are on the right side of my home page under Blogroll. Several are about me: My Voice, Jay Beacham, Lincoln’s Ghost, How not to build a house.   Or about what I do: Hear me singing, Poetry, Images of the Past.