Here are some Testimonials from customers and listeners.


Dixie Business Alliance

Of a narration of a product intro for a crowdfunding campaign for Make It Easy Toothbrush caddy,  L. N., when asked how it was for their needs, said,
“Perfect! Thank you!”

6/15/2015      L.N. of Dixie Business Alliance

Perfect! Thank you!
Lanora Nielson

(for a video project narration for GoZunder llc.)

Dixie Business Alliance

“Your voice sounded so excellent…
better than I expected!!” said Renee of private project

South West Science Foundation(Brent Bennett)

“That’s great.” Brent Bennett of the Southwest Science Foundation


The public  often has the best opinion:

Deine Stimme würde hier jeden Radio Moderator ersetzen. Aber echt
Na, toll, enjoyed my listen. love it DiMucci

DiMucci of Hamburg, Germany.

on 03-Dec-10 “you have a most awesome speaking voice like you should be talking on the radio as a host or something and of course you sing awesome too…” “I would love to hear you speak live at some have a most awesome voice I’ve ever heard and should be making lots of money like that Ted guy on you tube, your voice is better than his my friend.( 18-Jan-11) Brenda A.  of Texas

 April 22, 2011     ”Just visited your Voice 123 web site my friend and had a listen to all your demo’s.   What a great speaking voice and personality you have. I am very impressed with your voice but also the fact that you speak different languages and seem to be able to arise to most any occasion. Your natural flow when speaking and understanding how to place emphasis on key words is amazing. I loved all the demo’s. You have a great voice my friend. I enjoyed all your demo’s but especially announcing the Baseball game…You sounded like a pro for sure.” - Raymond

“You have the BEST radio voice.  So soothing”-Gina M.

3/4/2918 Elaine Gill said of the UK said about a song recording, “… your singing voice is magnificent “

About a song recorded in German Edith said on August 22, 2017, “

Klasse hast du den Song interpretiert… auch das Gesprochene, was nicht einfach ist!

***** Sterne für dich Jay!    Liebe Grüße Edith 



From a client about a voice project April 2018: 

“Hurray!!  The presentation is wonderful. I sound so very successful.!!!  The speaker has a very dynamic voice filled with expression. Very easy to understand and the great thing is, is that he expresses a pure and positive energy…  Hurray, hurray, we are on our way ,hi ho, hi ho ,its off to success we go !!!
Suzann :-) “

to be continued