On 10/16/2014, former St. George, Utah mayor Dan McArthur told a man that I was the star of the Water Conservancy film “Liquid Desert” part 1.  

Liquid Desert 

I guess I was one of them.

Got me to thinking maybe I should list all the roles in one place, so here goes.

The American Messiah 1987 as the Apostle John,  a non-speaking role.

Apostle John in American Messiah 1987


American Messiah play 2



Then a rash of independent films by my son James:

“Crumple” the lead

Crumple 1

“You’ve Been Warned  co-star as the mad scientist


“It’s A Terrible Life” a non-speaking role as an angel


Plus several one man shows as Abraham Lincoln’s Ghost.

Lincoln's Ghost 2010

Starting in 2009 for the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth and continuing on

in 2010 with the political speeches of President Lincoln,  in 2011 the ancestry and poetry of

Lincoln,  what he wrote and what he liked.  These are on video.

2009 is on YouTube at Cell23 Studios.

2010 and 2011 have promo trailers at Cell23 Studios

2012 photos with Lincoln’s Ghost at the Washington  County Fair (Utah)

(Seen here with Camry Hafen Miss Ivins)

misc. photos etc 013

July 4, 2013 Worthen park St. George, Utah at 42 to 48 sec. into the video news clip:


October 2013 Santa Clara, Utah Ghost tours with ghost story actors

misc. photos etc 073 

2014 is “Lincoln’s Ghost Tells Stories” on audio cd and dvd.

You can also obtain copies of all of the Lincoln shows at Abraham Lincoln, love him or hate him

In “The US Immigration and Naturalization Project”   I play a stevedore, a non speaking role.

Then I was an elder Priest in a fantasy film, a speaking role.   I appear  in opening scene of  “Mythica: a Quest for Heros” official trailer 2014.


Also see this post: http://jaybeacham.com/2015/05/18/which-movies-were-you-in/

Then twice I’ve done back ground extra non-speaking roles in the New Testament film project,

on the Mormon Channel   Ye Are the Temple of God

But being an extra doesn’t mean an appearance in the published film.

Also I was an extra in a tourist commercial but didn’t appear in the final product.

But that is the life of an extra.

I also hosted a series titled  “How Not To Build A House”.   A promo can be seen at Cell23 Studio.

See Episodes 1 and 2 @ Jay Beacham on You Tube

Voice work June 2015 for Dixie Business Alliance

Make it Easy Toothpaste Dispenser Caddy

Gozunder toilet Seat Riser

February 2016 Lincoln’s Ghost at the VA home in Ivins, Utah

June 6, 2016 a commercial as the 16th President (Lincoln’s Ghost).

LG 6 6 2016  1


Tabletop Box






Tabletop Box 2


Well that’s about it unless you want to see my short how to videos  on my YouTube Channel

Jay Beacham

Links are available in the right hand column to “Images of the past-acting roles” and the

“The Many Faces and Voices of Jay Beacham” where you can see how I looked in those and other roles.   You can even link to the ExploreTalent profile and see some of  those pictures.  And you can listen to Lincoln’s Ghost.

Acting roles  over the years in photos at:  http://www.jaybeacham.ws/Acting_Roles

Different roles shown at the  different sites.

Here is one of the roles:

Jay Beacham-2.jpg

Well happy surfing and watching.

See you in the movies.