a video on You Tube. In response to it, I commented:

I was born in North America. That makes me a Native American. Indigenous inhabitants aren’t anymore native than you and I. But, I have indigenous American ancestry too. Next, I can trace my other ancestry to Europe, Northern Africa and Asia. And I bet most people in North America can too. And yes, we all descend from Noah and his three sons and their wives no matter what our skin tone is.

People haven’t been on the earth for 40,000 years. Don’t you understand the word native? “My native land” “The land of my nativity” Have you researched my DNA? My Iroquois and Powhatan ancestors won’t agree with you.

A reply to me:

“I can easily disprove this ” People haven’t been on the earth for 40,000 years”.

Why does it bother you that you aren’t the first and true American? That instead your European American just like black people here are “African American”? Your native to Europe because that is where your ancestors evolved which is why your skin is white and hair/eye color evolved to be lighter than say an African who evolved in Africa. You are Native to Europe because that’s where you evolved to be European.”

I responded:

So how do you get that American Indians are European? And the peoples of Europe came from all over the globe.

And I thought to myself: How does this person know my skin tone, eye color, hair color? They have never seen me. And how can they prove people have been on earth for 40,000 years? Another commenter rightly pointed out that no one was there then and still here now to tell us so.

Then I replied;

And that is so cool that you were there eons ago and know what you say to be true. How old are you?

Haven’t got a rebuttal on that one.

This my last response to that party:

Indigenous Americans, here when Columbus came, arrived about 600 BC. Many nations had peoples who came to the Americas before Columbus.

Where was the garden of Eden? What was Pangea? When did the continents form?

How many people survived the flood at Noah’s time?

Where did the peoples from the tower of Babel go?

Europe isn’t one people. They came from Asia and Africa and everywhere in between.

Some of my ancestors were here when Columbus came,

Some of my ancestors also came from Europe, Africa, and Asia. (Examples: the Hun, Goths, Visigoths, Persians, Ethiopians, Egyptians.

I didn’t evolve to be European,

Europe, like the Americas, is a melting pot.

We are all related.