Now it’s September 2023

My Space went the way of the world.

And singsnap wants you to sign up to listen.

The link now is “Hear Me Sing On You Tube” at
leobennachoben or Jay Beacham

Now in 2023, there are song recordings on Sound Cloud and that link from the blogroll.

Or there are some SingSnap recordings links on the home page: Voice as an Instrument

Look at the playlists of other songs at: Voice as an Instrument » Products Page cd Playlists

Thank you for listening.


Marvin Gubler said:
Jay “danke sehr fur das lied. Du hat immer eine gute stimme gehabt.
Alles gute Marv und Deanne”

You were born for the stage, Jay. I love the combo of Jay and Broadway!!!!

Wonderful!!!! ~ Gregory

This is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have the most voice capabilities of any one I know!– Bee A.

This is amazing … You are sounding like this song was written just for you….One perfect performance……You are such an exceptional singer”-Karen