Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Lincoln’s Ghost returns promo

14 Apr 2010 | : blog

Lincoln’s Ghost Returns Promo video

The Feb.12, 2010 performance of Lincoln’s Ghost
Returns, a one man show by Jay Beacham, at the St. George, Utah Pioneer
Opera House.
The entire show will be available on DVD after April 20, 2010. Reserve your copy now at

“It’s not fair”

14 Apr 2010 | : blog


“It’s not fair that the other Squidoo Lenses get noticed and I don’t.”


Upon a horse’s back

this lens's photo I started writing lyric poems(songs) several years ago after I had taken a correspondence course for writing and not wanting to paper my walls with rejection slips like my writing instructor, wrote “The Writer”.

“I need visitors”

14 Apr 2010 | : blog

“Have you visited me lately?”

My Coupon Business with My World Plus

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If you like to save money while shopping, then this could be right for you.
If you have access to a computer, you can print off coupons for many local businesses and you can use your personal discount card and tell your friends about it and earn from home.
Then let me introduce you to MY World Plus.

Says this Squidoo lens:


Learn how not to repair your roof.

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How not to build a House

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This is an educational video series of some of what I’ve learned in my daily occupation in the construction-maintenance business or Handyman trade.
check out the promo and parts 1 & 2 at :
Parts 3 and 4 will be online soon. or you may get your own dvd by calling

Visit my website.

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Jay Beacham

Jay Beacham Visit my website.

  • Visit my website. Voice as an Instrument »

    For Voice overs and narration, character voices, singing and jingles, in English and German, also translating from German to English or English to German; and for Lincoln’s Ghost dvds and other products I offer or for scheduling performances : E-mail me at…

Visit my website.

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Visit my website: Voice as an Instrument

On this site I explain my voice business and how I have and do use my voice now.
I also have links to my other businesses and sites listed under blogroll and under the two photo, which are also links. I have a blog page, product pages, and …
visit my site.

I thank you.

Link ads

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I’ve just added some linked ads to my MySpace blog and to Facebook.

You should look at them.

And under Jay Beacham on Facebook.

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