Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Who is your favorite Singer- besides yourself?

25 Jan 2011 | : blog

Some times people praise those who are in the public eye.  There are very good if not better vocalists, mostly unknown to the world, out there. Do you know any? Is there a friend or acquaintance whose singing you like?

One friend of mine teaches French in public school. another one works in the computer software industry. One or two are professional singers. Others sound great but will never be know outside of their home environment.  I think that is a shame.

Do you like the way you sing.  Where do you sound the best?

Some of us sound best in our car or our bath because of the mini echo chamber that exists in those small areas.

Do others like your singing?

What is your opinion on this topic?

A Great Singer

25 Jan 2011 | : blog

A Great Singer

I’ve just been listening to a cd of songs, recorded many years ago a a friend of mine who died last summer. What a great singer. He was accompanied by the piano.
Robert (Bob) Rowley will really help those heavenly choirs. I’d never heard him as a young voice though I’d sang next to him in the bass section in our church choir for several years.
He’d been an engineer, did lapidary as a hobby, wrote a fiction book entitled
Zero Risk, and was on the local town council.
Hope to hear him sing again in person when I get there.

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