Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Why spell it that way.

19 Jan 2013 | : blog

English is my native tongue-language.  And I wouldn’t change that but sometimes I have to wonder how anyone could come up with such spelling and sounds that mean certain things.

Like, why “to”?

“To” can be a preposition describing motion as “going to” somewhere or thing, toward, contact or continuity, or to a point in time.

Or “to” can be used as an adverb as toward or into something.

But why not say “too”? Yes that’s for meaning “also”. But why “two”(2) “o”s?

And how it is said.

“To” sounds just like ”two”, “too”, “tu”, “tew”, “tuh”.

Can anyone explain why we say such odd things?

To Airsickness

19 Jan 2013 | : blog

I wanted to be a pilot as a young boy.

Here’s a song in German about that.                                                                                      

Then when I finally got to ride aboard airplanes, my desire changed considerably.

I penned the following verse about it.

“To Airsickness”

When I was but a little lad,                                                                                                               I used to think I’d be quite glad                                                                                                     To be above the clouds, you see                                                                                                     My parents would be proud of me.

But since I’ve grown a little bit,                                                                                                         I’ve several times been forced to sit                                                                                               Aboard those airplanes, both big and small,                                                                               And pleasure from the flying feat                                                                                                   Was all lost there in my seat.

You think it’s funny, what I say?                                                                                                     I used the bag again today,                                                                                                             And rued the day as little lad                                                                                                           I thought that flying would make me glad.

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