Friday, April 15th, 2016

The Canaries Are Dying

15 Apr 2016 | : blog

       ”The Canaries Are Dying is the name of a book about man made and natural chemical related illnesses.             It is soon to be published.    

                                          The Canaries are
                                               by Jay Beacham
The cover:


This work is dedicated to the many people who have
suffered needlessly because of the pervading ignorance
of our modern scientific world.   

It is written in hope that some future suffering can be averted.

Pride and greed generated forces in the societies of the
world have lead to the demise of some of these societies both
past and present where expediency over wisdom caused
disastrous results to all concerned.
These forces seem determined to continue until life upon the
earth is destroyed.


Coming soon!


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