developers, May 21, 2014
A political question for all.
Who do city council persons represent?
Not who are they supposed to represent, but who do they represent?
County commissioners?
State legislators?
Federal Congressmen and women?
Federal Senators?
President of the USA?
Think before you answer and be truthful about who is represented.

Some answers:
Steve Swapp It depends on which city council you’re speaking of, I suppose. For example, I believe that property developers are strongly represented by some of the people on our current Washington County Commission and on the water board. We really need to choose different commissioners. Don’t keep the incumbents!!
May 22 at 7:01am ยท
(Johnathan said)One man today said he felt the town councils represented the state legislature or the govenor but diffinately not the town citizens.
May 23
Sat. 24th on Who represents who?Betty said, “they are supposed to represent the citizens but they represent those with the most money.” Then she amended her statement with “Developers”.
May 24
From the short survey the most prevalent responses are:
Property developers, money, state or federal over local.
What do you think?

I attended a council meeting in Ivins on May 22, 2014.
On the agenda was a public hearing about a proposed development.
Part of the proposal was to make a high backed curb on the now dirt farm road of 600 West.

10th ward flood aftermath 600 west 2013 00110th ward flood aftermath 600 west 2013 002
The two property owners along that road and several other owners near the proposed deveopment were in opposition to that and wanted roadsides like are present in the Kayenta deveopment.
The council listened to the town staff and not the owners.
Ron said, “I like curbs”, Steve said, “they are clean”, Geroge said, “they are safe”, Cheyne made no comment but having curbed his street on his own and been a major proponent of the roads and curbs installed in the historic townsite had proven his stance on the issue.
The high backed curb was approved by a vote of 4. ( the one woman on the coucil was not in attendance)
My question is,
“Who did they represent?”
The constiuents who were opposed to the curbs?
The town staff(i.e. building department)?

The developer?
The Major? Who said, “the developer wants a decision tonight”.
Earlier, Ron had said he’d like to table the issue until he could go and inspect the site.
He was talked out of this wise decision.

What form of government do we have?
A representative one?
If so, who are the represented?
What do you think?