I finally was able to add a sound button to Discount Store site.

I emailed friends and family to go to the site try it and respond back and here are some of the comments.

“Dang, your voice sounds so good!!! I think that is a great addition.”-IH of Tulsa, Ok.

“The sound is a nice touch.  Makes it more personal.” -KR of New Caledonia.

“i think its cool and i will have to buy something.” -CL of Nashville, Tenn.

Here’s the link so you can hear it :


Some day I figure the code out and just have the sound play but until then the button will have to work.

Also I put an invisible stat counter on this site’s home page and friends tested it for me as I had blocked it from counting my visits.The instructions weren’t exactly clear about how to insert the html code or where on this WordPress generated site but I was able to figure it out and 12 friends visited the site and it works. @ years ago I couldn’t understand how to do it but StatCounter.com has really made it simple. Oh did I mention, its a free service.

Click on the links and see for your self.