Today I attended the Tea Party Express in St.George, Utah at the Bluff street park.

Lots of people were there. After parking blocks away and walking to and from the event. It was much like a political convention. I took photos of the crowd as proof of the attendance.

I meet people and spoke to people I haven’t seen for a long time. That was nice.

I met a lady who said, “You’re the singer. You have the best voice I’ve ever heard”. She spoke of she and her grandchildren being at the Tabernacle for the Master Singers of St. George  Christmas Concert last December. And she told the lady next to her about it.  The lady next to her said she knew I did Lincoln impersonations but didn’t know that I sang.

One friend introduced me as Lincoln and Jacob to a friend of his.

I learned about a couple of the candidates  running for office.

I enjoyed the show and met Mark Williams, Chairman of the Tea Part Express. I took a photo of him with Mrs. Steve Burgess of Ivins. He thinks  I look similar to an actor who was on many TV shows during the nineteen sixties. I started in radio in 1966. But no television until much later.

Mrs. Burgess is, with her neighbors, having a difficult time with the city of Ivins that want them to add sewers to their properties at an exorbitant cost. That is force also. But is it right? I think not.

I asked several about buying a copy of the dvd of the Lincoln’s Ghost show of Feb.12, 2009.  All were interested but had no money with them, or were broke, on unemployment, etc.  So no sales today but maybe some later.

The singers were good. The speakers sincere and truthful and totally American. Mark Williams of Boston, now lives in Sacramento, Ca. Amy Kramer is from Atlanta, Ga.(I think she said.).  Black guy, Lloyd Marcus, said he is not an African American.  He’s just an American. (What I’ve always preached.) A black couple, William and Celine Owens, believe this part of the country really shows the handiwork of God and that the Constitution of the United States is also the handiwork of God. How true.

After the colors were presented and a woman sang the national anthem with the crowd, a Debbie Lee told about her son Mark who died in combat in 2006 in Iraq. A rousing and inspirational message that started things off.

I enjoyed myself and was still able to get some roofing work done before dark.