I road on this Austrian train in 1970. Lots of snow and National Geographic photographers hanging out of every door and window to get some fabulous photos.   Some footage is from 1973 and looks much like it did when I road
this train.
I spoke with a man yesterday and he asked about the locomotive in Cottage Grove, Oregon. I never rode that one when I lived in Cottage Grove.
And I never rode on the Heber Creeper when living in Provo, Utah.
He’d ridden on the Heber Creeper.

Who else has been on a locomotive?
also this is a good video of the freight train running up the hill from Vordernberg to ?Eisenerz.
My comment about it:
Thank you for posting this video. In the winter, early in 1970, I rode on one of the last passenger steam trains to go that route. Summer of 2019, I couldn’t see much from our speeding car traveling from Vordernberg to Erzberg. But this film let me see what I missed seeing from the car and in the winter years ago. Great historical video. Vielen Dank, dass Sie dieses Video gepostet haben. Im Winter, Anfang 1970, fuhr ich mit einem der letzten Passagierdampfzüge, die diese Strecke zurücklegten. Im Sommer 2019 konnte ich von unserem rasenden Auto, das von Vordernberg nach Erzberg fuhr, nicht viel sehen. Aber dieser Film ließ mich sehen, was ich im Auto und in den Winterjahren vermisst habe. Tolles historisches Video.