The online marketing gurus say I must give and keep giving free content(useful or helpful information) and then maybe folks will see me as an expert and buy from me.

This is lame.

When I walk into a brick and mortar store, I never go to the clerks and ask for free content.

I Do at times ask for directions to the things I’m looking for, if they carry the products I want or not and how much.

The other day I was in a dollar tree store and in the check out line, I brought this up with the clerk and the man in line behind me. ┬áHe said if it were free that would be great but at a $ per item that’s close to free anyway. The lady clerk said no one ever asked for free content. She asked me if I wanted some mini chocolate bars to which I responded ” NO”. I paid her and walked out of the store with my items.

I bought and she gave me no “free content”.

Why should buying from an online store be any different?

I might check a store or two to find the best price but none of this playing of games to get what I need or want.

When I sell something on Craigslist, KSL Classifieds, Ebay Classifieds, at a yard sale or door to door. I simply list what I have, the price I want and make the sale or not.

I don’t give any “free content” in order to make a sale.