A new national election is upon us and as a friend pointed out today, it seems that its been made into a sporting event.

He said that after I told him of an experience I had in Austria in 1970.   While living in Vienna as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, I met many people from the eastern European countries that were at that time behind the Iron Curtain.  One man was from Prague, Czechoslovakia (from 1948–1989 this was the name of the country).  He had escaped just before the Russians took over.  He’d left his wife and son behind, as she insisted on skiing on the Sunday that the tanks rolled in and didn’t think he was right when he left on Saturday for Vienna. He said that the big reason that the country was over run was that the people were more concerned about sports than their freedom.

Are we any different in America today?

Last week was the Caucus Meetings in Utah to select delegates. Even though the turn out was much greater than it ever has been in the past, the ball park next to the school where the three precincts from my small town meet (near 100 voters in each group) was packed with people.  Are we more concerned with sport than with our freedom?

My friend bought out a very telling point when he referenced A. Lincoln’s “a house divided” speech.
The election seems to only divide the nation more he said.
What do you think?

 Have the elections become glorified sporting events, races, just to get people’s attention?

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