I became acquainted with Les Thompson of Australia through our mutual participation in Sing Snap, an online Karaoke site.

He was a radio and TV broadcaster in Australia.

Now he runs the Classical Tours company in Europe.

Let me let Les tell you about his book.

 “ I … covered voice production in my Ebook on media and communication skills.

 http://lesthompson.tv/ ” 

I’m sure that you’ll see we have a lot in common when you read my Ebook…”

You’ll enjoy his site whether you are a pro-voice person or just an ordinary person.

He’s got something for you.

After listening to his video on that page, I thought of an experience of mine at the BYU School of Communications in 1972-73.

Here is a quick recap of it.


In college, after I’d been in radio for years,

We did a project on how the media camera creates news.

We had an interviewer, a guy from Lebanon, down in the common area with a microphone and a camera guy interviewing people.

My camera crew was in a tower stairwell, where the people on the ground couldn’t see us.

It was so interesting to watch people’s reactions to the camera interviewer.

Some would come out of the buildings, see the camera and mic and bee line to it.

Others would turn around and head back into the building or they would walk as far away from the camera as they could on their way to where they were going.

Here’s Les’s comments about my experience:

 Normal reaction for the time, Jay. They are a little more camera savvy these days.

Radio was less intimidating and that gave us the edge ‘back in the day’! LOL

Cheers, mate!


That’s it for today.

Catch you next time.