When I started at Dixie College in 1967(night classes in the art dept. with Mr.Adams and Ross Johnson), I was a radio announcer at KDXU. In October 1969, I left Dixie and KDXU for an LDS mission to Austria. When I returned in 1971, I co-hosted a radio program “This is Dixie” with Marsha Storrs. The program aired every Wensday evening on KDXU. (I never did work at the college station.) Burke Belnap was an instructor who supervised the show. I sent out students on news assignments and edited and produced the weekly news magazine.

Over the years I’ve dabbled in voice work(Voice Overs), Television, and wrote, directed, and produced radio plays but didn’t return to radio except to sell advertiseing for a station in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

A few years ago, I started to do voice work again, online mostly and got involved in online karaoke sites.  There have been some fine sites that no longer exist. I do recordings on 2 karaoke sites at present.  One is called SingSnap.  On it I’ve recorded nearly 800 songs versions of mine and on my station, I’ve made it like an old time radio program. I intro and outro songs and post in my comments about the songs’ history, composers, etc.

One man from Canada had this to say about my station:  “WOW, I am now officially HOOKED TO YOUR SS STATION.  I feel as if I were listening to a great radio show from the late 60s early 70s.  YOU HAVE AN INCREDIBLE RADIO ANNOUNCER’s BROADCAST VOICE… WOW WOW WOW  and this song reminds me of my childhood.  I loved listening to it… I am officially hooked upon your SS station!”

Well, I wanted to invite my friends to give a listen and to come back often.


Just click on the link and above my picture is the recordings button, click on it, then chose 10,20,50 recordings per page for recently, 2013,2012,2010,2011 and find something you like. I’ve done songs in every style but rap so you should find something you may like.  Some of my own original songs too.  Recordings are in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hebrew.   See if I’m any good with those languages which aren’t my own.

Thanks for you consideration. Now go there and hear some great recordings.

Jay Beacham