A married woman of 34 with four children wrote this about her fight with pimples-acne:
Not “only when I was a teenager? I still get them. You’re not supposed to have pimples and wrinkles at the same time.”

I remember that I was very self conscious and felt like the pimples were big red signs on my face saying look at me!! I had a hard time looking people in the eyes because I thought that all they were looking at was the pimples. I really would have preferred to stay home all the time so that I didn’t have to worry about people looking at me. It seemed as though all my friends had such nice skin.”

Does this sound familiar? If you do or have had acne problems, would a cure interest you?

Yes I mean a cure. Not a lotion or potion that you need to apply for ever more at an ever continuing expense.  But a cure. I said a cure.

This may be less appealing than a lotion but what would you be willing to pay to get such an answer to your embarrassment and distress?

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