Today there is a PBS program on TV that is about the “60s in America.”
All who grew up in the “60s” were drug snorting, flower wearing, back to nature
hippies who were against all technology, government, etc..
That is so untrue.
I went from 10 to 20 years of age during the” 60s”.  I’ve never been on drugs,
never been to a flower rock fest nor had “free sex” Am I an exception? No.
Those who did those things were the exception.
I’m tired  of hearing that we all were that way.
I went to a college where  there were no riots, where veterans attended school and
where many left from college to serve in the military, and where the school singing
groups sang patriotic songs.
Why is it that a small sub-culture is tauted as being the whole culture?
I want it stopped and the truth reported..
How many are with me?