A marketing expert suggested I write articles and post them on an article directory.

He suggested Ezine Articles.

I went there and signed up for the free account. Wrote the article that was basically the script of one of my tip videos: “Nailing three tab shingles

Submitted it and waited.

The response came back that I couldn’t have Double spacing and I  needed better paragraphs and the spelling was wrong.

I closed the spaces, made the difinite paragraphs, checked the spelling, and resubmitted it.

It came back with  the same errors as to why it wouldn’t be accepted.

Why try? I’ve published books, newspaper articles and have been a published poet and they say its wrong no matter what I do.

Then the next expert says that Ezine Articles is the number one directory.

But their Page and Alexia Ratings aren’t the highest.  And the average guy is never accepted by them.  I won’t waste any more time with them.

You do all of this article writing to get pointing fingers saying “This guy is knowledgeable.”   Then your search rankings increase and you become rich as if by magic.

My take on it. This is all nonsense.

What do you think?